Sandora Elite
Sandora Elite A
Location Element
Hoax/Black Castle Darkness
US 336
JAP 420
200 US 30
JAP 10
Attack Defense Counter
27 100 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
29 120 80
Item dropped
Healing Breeze (8%)

Sandora Elite (サンドラ特殊兵, Sandora Tokushu-hei) is a minor boss in Hoax and Black Castle . He is dressed like a ninja. Fighting him can be difficult because of his high defense and high attack.

His attacks are as listed:

  • Chain Grab: He shoots out a chain that grabs either Lavitz or Dart.
  • Heavy Kunai Throw: He throws a large kunai at the party member he aims for.
  • Fire Jutsu: Chants an incantation where red Japanese symbols form into the red ball in his hands until it turns into a green flame and slams it into the ground and hits with moderate damage to both members.
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu: He chants "Find the real me" with blue Japanese symbols form into a blue ball in his hands as he twirls and splits into two other Sandora Elites thus creating an illusion. He does this when he's close to half health and, may do it several more times if not killed fast enough.
Note: The real Sandora Elite will be the only copy who uses Fire Jutsu, OR if you pay attention to the shadows, the bigger shadow is the real Sandora.

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