User Dart, Lavitz, Albert, Haschel, Kongol
Purchasable Yes
Price 40 Gold
Defense 0
Effects +8 Magic Attack, Accuracy +10%
Drops N/A
Location Bale

Sallet is a headguear piece of which is only equippable by the male characters, all five of them. This item cannot be obtained by treasure chest or as a drop from regularly encounterable, unique, or boss monsters. It is, however, a great item especially for its cost and so it should be purchased.

How to obtainEdit

There is only but a single method to obtain said item, that is to travel to the city of Bale and purchase it from the equipment shop located on the second screen. Once you enter, the vendor will sell to you that piece for 40 Gold each. It is an easy and simple way to obtain, and isn't too costly, so it should be your priority.


This armor is the first of many to become a possible game changer in the midst of battle as it grants you a 10% higher probability to hit your opponents, which altogether is a great feature as some monsters have high evasion. The increased magical prowess is also a very useful effect, especially for the duration of the first disc, more so the first half, yet still in both. This item is good if you want to use either form of attack since magically you will put out more damage and physically you will most undoubtedly hit each time. Recommended to use upon availability.


Description Location
Equipment shop in Bale
Sallet in Equipment Shop Bale

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