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Sachet is a rare item that appears in Legend of Dragoon. The effect describes that it "gives a subtle good aroma" and is able to put some monsters to sleep but in others is able to kill the monster instantly.

Effect and UseEdit

When used on most monsters it will automatically do 10 damage. For most monsters it is a waste but for the Unique Monsters it is the easiest way to kill them. All unique monsters have 6 or less than HP and the sachet will always do 10 damage so it is best to save them for these monsters. It can also be used in the Jiango fight to temporarily put him to sleep and make the fight easier or could be saved for a special monsters later on.


The Sachet can't be bought and is only found in a few locations:

Location Description Image
Hellena In the pit when Jiango is fought.
Hellena Drop by Jiango after battle (100% drop )
Disk01 117
Home of Gigantos Piggies sometimes drop Sachets after battle. ( 1% rare drop )
Valley of Corrupted Gravity In a box to the right of the entrance.

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