Roulette Face
Roulette Face
Location Element
Moon That Never Sets Darkness
3000 360 US 42
JAP 14
Attack Defense Counter
80 120 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
105 200 60
Item dropped
Night Raid (8%)

Roulette Face is the only darkness-element based monster of which is located within The Everlasting Moon, or otherwise known as The Moon That Never Sets.


It is the far stronger cousin to Spinninghead. Its body is a sphereical shape with a tail, all of which is covered in some sort of fabric or energy. Its color is grey with symetrical markings along all four sides of it, upon each side resides 3 spheres vertically, each one larger than the other. The spheres and markings on each side are a different color and represent its attacks, being: Pleasure is green, Joy is yellow, Sorrow is blue, and Anger is red. There is some sort of propeller headpiece to it with four rods going outwards, hanging from each one are weird lengthy pipes with a red orb at the bottom. Very unique in design to The Legend of Dragoon.


This monster is very annoying and should be attacked according to its remaining health. The lower its health reaches, the higher the chances of using Can't Combat on a character, once halfway it starts to happen but once its in critical health it chooses to spam rather often. The other Status Ailments it can use make it a lengthy or frustrating battle since it can also inflict Dispirit or even Bewitch your characters. Luckily it has regular magical damage, however, do not use magic to harm it since it will be very inaffective. With a massive magical defense of 200, even items such as the Psychedelic Bomb X won't be very useful, rather use physical abilities to eliminate it. Items such as The Magic Stone of Signet can be very useful in assuring it does not use Can't Combat. Light element spell items are the only ones you should be using if any and that is only if you are powerful enough, because then the elemental weakness bonus will help significantly. This opponent has the second highest health of all regular encounter monsters with a massive 3,000, and so preventing it from going before you eliminate it after it is half defeated is key.

  • Pleasure - Deals medium magical damage towards a single target.
  • Joy - Inflicts Bewitchment to a single target upon hit with a given probability.
  • Sorrow - Inflicts Dispirit to a single target upon hit with a given probability.
  • Anger - Instantly kills a single target upon hit.

Do note, this monster is immune to Can't Combat and all other Status Ailments.

Encounter rate: Common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Roulette Face.

  • Roulette Face
  • Roulette Face x2
  • Roulette Face x3
  • Roulette Face + Unicorn
  • Roulette Face + Psyche Druid


Upon defeat, this monster may drop the spell item Night Raid with a rare probability of 8%. This spell item is the most powerful darkness-element based one of its kind. On average it takes roughly 10 minutes to obtain this, luckily. As always this varies per person.


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