Rocky Turtle
Rocky Turtle
Location Element
Kashua Glacier Earth
US 560
JAP 700
99 US 39
JAP 13
Attack Defense Counter
60 200 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
63 80 50
Item dropped
Guard Badge (2%)

Rocky Turtle is a Earth element creature of which can be located within Kashua Glacier


Rocky Turtle is a fairly large creature, the body of said opponent is scaly and green. It's massive shell appears as if it's made of rock which would explain the name, also the shell is shaped in a unique way that appears as if three large cannons are built in.


The fight against this creature should be fast. It deals a hefty chunk of damage with all attacks from both magical and melee, however, it can get taken down pretty quick. These deal more damage than most enemies here and so they should be high on the priority list of who to take out first. When two are in the same encounter, you can get taken down in health very fast if you aren't paying attention or are underleveled, and so you should use Repeat Items if you are indeed underleveled.

  • Slow Bite - Walks towards and bites slowly a single target dealing medium physical damage.
  • Burn Out - Launches a fire ball from the cannon like shell piece, dealing low fire element magical damage to a single target.
  • Gushing Magma - Launches a fire ball from the cannon like shell piece, dealing medium fire element magical damage towards all targets.

Encounter rate: Common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Rocky Turtle.

  • Rocky Turtle
  • Rocky Turtle x2
  • Rocky Turtle + Land Skater


This creature can drop the Guard Badge with a very rare probability of 2%. This item may be desired by several players due to the added benefits of equiping it, being to raise physical and magical defence power by 20 each. Do keep in mind that trying to obtain one here will be very frustrating and averages out at roughly an hour give or take, this heavily varies per person considering some might get lucky in the first 10 minutes and others in half a day. And so it is highly recommended to just spend the 1000 gold further in the area at the two merchants or upon the end of the fourth disc if you have no need for such an item yet rather than spend all that time trying to get it to drop unless you simply do not wish to spend money.


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