Location Element
Valley of Corrupted Gravity Wind
US 220
JAP 260
44 US 24
Attack Defense Counter
37 100 {{{Cntr}}}
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
31 30 60
Item dropped
Down Burst (8%)

Roc is a wind element creature of which can be located within the Valley of Corrupted Gravity.


Roc is an enormous legendary bird of prey and a mythological creature. It heavily resembles an eagle with it's color, talons, and wings size.

Erupting Chick can use an ability called Summon Roc which makes one of these swoop down and smash into all the opponents.


These creatures do more damage than probably all others in this area with the soul exception being the Dragonfly , so if there are other opponents in a battle with Roc tagging along, it would be recommended to take them out first, especially with their chance to Stun. Stun in a fight with these creatures could easily become fatal. You could use a Body Purifier , however, your inventory is probably already full for the upcoming boss fights. They have powerful attack all wind spell capability and will spam it when their health is critical.

  • Astonish Dive - Swoops down upon a single opponent dealing medium to high damage with a 50% probability for Stun on hit.
  • Rave Twister - Deals medium wind element magic damage towards all opponents.

Do note that this creature is immune to fear, so if you still use the Demon Stiletto  for Rose , it will not work.

Also keep in mind that if you are using Kongol , these creatures along with anything in this area should be fairly easy, however, don't let his health or defence fool you. If the health of one of these reaches critical, they will unleash Rave Twister which will be devastating towards Kongol.

Encounter rate: Common

Battle pairing / formation

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Roc.

  • Roc
  • Roc x2
  • Roc + Spider Urchin


These creatures can drop the spell item Down Burst with the rare probability of 8%. This spell is a very powerful wind element spell that hits all opponents and is worth using if dropped. Whether or not it's worth farming is entierly up to you, although it is not recommended. This item can be dropped by Wyvern (Disc 3), Air Combat (Disc 4) and certain boss creatures such as Feyrbrand (Disc 1) and it's return as a Dragon Spirit (Disc 4), as well, you can buy it late in the fourth disc. Depending on if you want or need it should determine this, although it will take a while to obtain any, most likely 30 minutes roughly. This varies though per person and their luck.


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