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Resident Knight Harris
Role Citizen/Knight
Home Town Furni

Resident Knight Harris (住民騎士ハリス ) is a citizen of Furni and a knight of Mille Seseau.


When Dart and the party arrive in Furni and go further into the town, they witness the public meeting held by Harris who spoke with several mercenaries in regards to hunting down the monstrous wolf known as Kamuy. There was also mention of a boy named Teo, who was reported missing from the town.

The Kamuy Quest is an optional side-mission the player can take. If chosen to complete, Dart may visit Harris in his household for further details.

After the main events in the mayor of Furni's house are finished, Dart and the party proceed through the Evergreen Forest. Along the way, Teo the missing boy can be seen on a spiraling forest trail. Shortly after trying to catch up to him, Dart and Shana will witness the sudden appearance of Kamuy storming through the trees. Also on the scene are two mercenaries previously seen in Furni. They were fleeing from Kamuy until Harris arrives on the scene to redirect the capture effort. First Harris tries to talk Teo into coming with him as Kamuy is deemed too dangerous to be among people any more. Teo refuses and leaves Harris with no other choice than to take Teo by force before they try to subdue Kamuy. The wolf sprung into action, scattering the mercenaries and permitting Teo to mount him before they escape together. Harris then orders his remaining mercenaries to follow the wolf.

If the player chooses to continue with the side-quest, Dart then catches up with Teo and Kamuy in some sort of clearing by a hollow tree. Harris and his last mercenary catch up again with the two and try one last time to convince Teo to abandon Kamuy. Teo refuses and Kamuy defends himself against the mercenaries. Dart and Shana join the fight. When successful, the battle ends with Kamuy slowly dying with Teo weeping at his side. Shana's compassion prompts her to use the power of her dragoon spirit to heal Kamuy. In doing so, Shana's dragoon spirit returned Kamuy to a wolf cub and thus Teo was reunited with his childhood friend. Afterwards, Harris stated he would accept responsibility for anything else involving Kamuy and agreed to let Kamuy return to Furni with Teo.

Dart can later return to Furni at his leisure to collect the reward money promised from defeating Kamuy. Harris awards the money to Dart at his house in Furni.

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