Red Hot
Red Hot
Location Element
Volcano Villude Fire
US 40
JAP 50
14 US 6
Attack Defense Counter
11 100 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
11 100 60
Item dropped
Body Purifier (8%)

Red Hot is a fire-element based monster of which may be located within the Volcano Villude.

Appearance Edit

Red Hot are gelatinous entities comprised entirely of lava, and due to such, their body is a boiling red. Similar to their cousin, the Slime, it's feet seem to be melted forming a small puddle. They are leaned over slightly and have quite lengthy arms as well. 

Battle Edit

They are almost always found alone, although can be fought uncommonly in groups of two or three and rarely with other creatures too. If you have any frost or water elemental items such as Pellet, you will most undoubtedly defeat these in a single strike. If not, still only two or possibly three hits should do it.

Unlike it's weaker counterpart the Slime, these creatures do "Lava throw" rather than "Slime throw" which deals only magic damage instead of Arm-Blocking. The Red Hot almost always uses "Lava throw", however can be known to occasionally attack normally with Body Slam. This creature is not much of a threat to players due to it's relatively low damage.

  • Lava throw - Throws a ball of lava from it's palm towards a single opponent, dealing medium magical damage.
  • Body Slam - Slides over to a single opponent and punches slams into them, dealing low physical damage.

Encounter rate: Common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you shall encounter a Red Hot.

  • Red Hot
  • Red Hot x2
  • Red Hot + Salamander

Drops Edit

Upon defeat, this monster may drop the effect item Body Purifier with a rare probability of 8%. The average time required to obtain this item is roughly 15 minutes. As always, this varies per person and their luck.

Gallery Edit

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