Red Dragon Armor
User Dart
Purchasable Yes
Price 800 Gold
Defense 41
Effects Nullify fire damage
Drops N/A
Location The Law City, Zenebatos
The Moon That Never Sets

Red Dragon Armor is the most powerful and final armor attainable by Dart. This armor in not a droppable item by any regular encounter monster or boss monster throughout the entire game, it also cannot be found within any treasure chests, however, you can purchase it in two seperate areas for 800 Gold each in both locations. Luckily, this armor is one of which can be obtained before the point of no return.

How to obtainEdit

There are only two possible ways to obtain this armor, the first being to purchase it for 800 Gold at The Law City, Zenebatos. It is available here upon entry and is only on the second screen. A golden Shop Lapto will sell it. Do note, you can change a law which will prevent this lapto from selling its wares to you, and so do not use that code since it by default will sell.

The second method is only once you have passed the point of no return in The Death City, Mayfil and finally have entered The Everlasting Moon, you may proceed into the inn and search for the merchant in the upper right to purchase it for the same 800 Gold. If you wait to arrive here before buying this armor, you will not be capable of going back further than The Divine Tree.


It is highly recommended to get this armor as soon as possible, especially if you are going to face off against the super bosses of this game such as The Divine Dragon or Magician Faust. Considering Divine Dragon uses Burning Wave as one of if not the most common Imperial Spell and Magician Faust starts off with Death Meteor which is a fire-element based spell capable of 5,000+ damage give or take, it would be the difference between life and death. This armor is also beneficial in The Everlasting Moon, as you must fight Zieg who uses only fire-element based attacks and has a very high probability of attacking Dart. The stats are very high as well, and so against most anything in general it should prove to be quite beneficial.


Description Location
The Law City, Zenebatos

 sold by the shop vendor "Shop Lapto", it's the golden one.

Zenebatos Robot Shop Vendor
The Everlasting Moon, inside the inn. Sold by the equipment vendor in the upper right hand corner.
Red Dragon Armor in Store

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