Queen Theresa
Role Queen of Mille Seseau
Home Town Mille Seseau

Queen Theresa is the ruler of Mille Seseau and actual mother to Shana and her twin sister Princess Louvia, who was killed in infancy by the Black Monster. After the death and loss of both her daughters Theresa grieved and established the Sacred Sisters.

She is responsible for discovering Miranda and raising her as the First Sacred Sister. Luanna of Neet became Queen Theresa's Second Sacred Sister after Luanna was blinded and her mother was murdered by the Black Monster. Queen Theresa then adopted Wink as Third Sacred Sister and Setie as Fourth Sacred Sister, raising them all as daughters to replace the ones she lost.

Queen Theresa was the possessor of the Moon Mirror and Deningrad's Signet Spheres. She lost possession of the mirror when Lloyd appeared and kidnapped her when he had been invited to the palace by Third Sacred Sister Wink, whom he had saved before, and the Signet Sphere was destroyed by the Divine Dragon when he attacked the Crystal Palace.

Nothing is mentioned of Queen Theresa's husband, the father of Shana and Louvia but we see a skull with a crown on the Phantom Ship which may infer the fate of her husband the Prince Consort of Mille Seseau.

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