I will send the most powerful warship that Tiberoa has... the Queen Fury. Have Commodore Puler pursue her. Of course, you are more than welcome to be on the boat.”

-King Zior

The Queen Fury is the flagship of the king of Tiberoa ’s Fleet. The party sets off in pursuit of Lenus on the queens fury from the flower city, Donau .

Queen Fury 1



  • Main Deck - The main deck of the Queen Fury where Shana is located playing with the birds. From here the player can access the furnace room or the hallways.
  • Furnace Room - This is the furnace room where coal is shoveled into the steam engine driving the queen fury. Kongol is located here. From this locaiton you can only reach the main deck.
  • Main Hallway - This area is a hallway and steps that lead to many locations. These locations are: State Room, Galley, Bedroom, Top Deck, Bedroom, and Engine Room.
  • State Room - This area is the plush state room of the ship. This is where Albert is located. From here the player can only access the Main Hallway.
  • Galley - This area is the galley of the ship where the cook is located. A Vegetable Julian Contest mini-game is found here (See the Mini-game section for details.) The only location available from here is the Main Hallway.
  • Bedroom - This is area is a bedroom aboard the ship and where Meru is located. This area has two exits which both lead to the Main Hallway. The front leads to the main section of the Main Hallway, while the back exit leads to the top of the bedrooms and is the only way to reach the Engine Room.
  • Engine Room - This area is where the great steam engine powering the ship is located. Kayla can be found in this location. From here the only accessable area is the Main Hallway on top of the Bedroom.
  • Top Deck - This area is the top deck of the ship and accessable by the stairway ontop of the state room. This is where Haschel is located. From here the player can access the Main Hallway and the Bridge.
  • Bridge - This area is where the ship's wheel is located. Both Dart and Commodore Puler is located here. From this location the Crow's Nest (going up the ladder) and the Top Deck (staircase under the ladder) can be accessed.
  • Crow's Nest -This area is the final location of the Queen Fury is above the Bridge. Rose is found here staring out at the sea.


Chapter 2: The Platinium Shadow

Queen Fury Rose

Rose enjoying the scene at the sea

The Queens Fury is a beauty of a ship, built like a fortress, this ship deserves the respect of any and all who lay eyes on it and is guarded by Kayla . Once kayla is talked to the party is greeted by Commodore Puler, who welcomes the party onto the ship. Once on board, the party splits up to different locations (see gallery for pictures of locations).
Queen Fury colliding with The Phantom Ship

Queen Fury colliding with the Phantom Ship

The player starts as Shana and is looking for Dart. Then Dart goes looking for Rose . Rose looks for Hascel. Haschel looks for Kongal. Kongol looks for Albert. Albert hears Meru throwing a fit in the cabins (located to the above left of the main room). Once Albert talks to Meru a scene plays.

The scene is of the feared Phantom Ship colliding with the queens fury. One of the Queen Fury's rams impales the ghost ship, cutting through its hull above the waterline; the two ships are held fast. Shana is spirited aboard the ghost ship, and since they have time to kill while the Fury's crew make repairs and attempt to extricate the Fury from the Ghost Ship's grip, the party decide to uncover some of its mysteries. The party goes to rescue her and decides to explore the phantom ship while the crew works to repair the queens fury.

As the party make their way back on deck after exploring the ghost ship, and making some unsettling discoveries there, the two ships begin to break apart. Dart waits for the others to make it on board the Queen Fury, and his final leap to safety falls short. Rose catches his arm, finding herself in a disturbingly familiar life or death situation: the fate of a fellow Dragoon rests in her grip. Rose refuses to let go, even as Dart's weight pulls her, too, off of the ship and into the swirling brine.

Chapter 3 and 4

The queens fury can be used to go back and for from Mille Seseau and Tiberoa. The Queen Fury can encounter monsters when going back and forth between the two.

Vegetable Chopping Mini-Game

This mini-game is located in the ship's Galley and given by the cook. The cook will challenge any character who talks to him, getting various respones from the character.

The rules are simple:

  1. Hit X to chop the vegetable placed in front of the character.
  1. Do not hit the X button till the vegetable is placed in front of the character.
  2. Chop the vegetable till it flashes and dissapers

There are four types of vegetables presented in the game

  • Green Spinach - The easiest vegetable, takes one chop to finish this vegetable
  • Red Carrot - Takes three chops to finish this vegetable
  • White Radish - Takes five chops to finish this vegetable
  • Big Cabbage - The most difficult vegetable, takes seven chops to finish this vegetable

The winner is the person who chops the most vegetables. In case of a tie the person who has the most chops wins. The hard-won prize for this mini-game is 1 piece of gold.


The item and weapon depots can only be accessed after the collision course with Phantom Ship. After the Phantom Ship vanishes into the ocean, they cannot be access again.

Item DepotEdit

Shop type Price                
Healing Potion 10
Healing Breeze 50
Sun's Rhapsody 50
Angel's Prayer 30
Mind Purifier 20
Body Purifier 10
Trans Light 10
Dancing Ray 20

Weapon DepotEdit

Shop type Price          
Glaive 250
Beast Fang 250
Warriors' Dress 150
Stun Guard 200
Magic Ego Bell 300


There are two pieces of stardust found on the Queen Fury

Found next to Kongol in the wheelbarrel inside the engine room. Queen Fury stardust 2
To the right, outside the cabin where Albert is found. Queen Fury stardust 1


  • Interesting fact is that the Queen Fury counts as both a town and a path of travel. This means that both there can be and cannot be battles aboard, depending on when the party is on board.

  • The theme to the Queen Fury cannot be seperated from the sounds of the sea and ship. They are actually part of the theme itself.


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