Location Element
Law City, Zenebatos Wind
US 869
JAP 999
176 US 54
JAP 18
Attack Defense Counter
65 100 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
93 180 70
Item dropped
Sage's Cloak (2%)

Professor is a wind-element based monster of which is located within The Law City, Zenebatos.


This monster is considerably smaller than the other opponents here in physical size, wears a green graduation gown and cap. Its skin is dark blue and it has no legs, rather than standing, it floats in the air. Most undoubtedly, it is some sort of ghost ,which would also support the previous statements. One of his eyes are very large and red while the other one is small and closed.


Professor isn't all that potent with its regular strikes, however, the real downside to this monster is its ability to inflict several types Status Ailments upon a target. It can use Dispirit, Bewitchment and Can't Combat, so all in all a formidable pair of ailments. Do not let its health reach critical or it will spam Can't Combat. Once its health reaches halfway roughly, it begins to use Bewitchment which can always change the course of the battle quite rapidly, and while it remains near full it uses Dispirit upon targets occasionally. It is recommended to prioritise this monster over the others, except for maybe the Death Purger depending on how much it bothers you.

  • Poltergeist - It uses magic to elevate and throw several books at a single target, dealing medium physical damage.
  • Boring Lecture - It reads a book, inflicting a single target with Dispirit upon hit with a given probability.
  • Amusing Lecture - It reads a book, inflicting a single target with Bewitchment  upon hit with a given probability.
  • Exciting Lecture - Inflicts Can't Combat upon a single target.

Do note, this monster may evade your attacks with a given probability.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Professor.

  • Professor
  • Professor + Death Purger x2
  • Professor x2 + Sky Chaser


Upon defeat, this monster may drop the armor Sage's Cloak with a very rare probability of 2%. This item is a pretty decent item, however, considering it can be bought at Ulara for 600 gold, there might not be a reason to actually spend time obtaining it by farming. The average amount of time to obtain this is roughly 35 minutes. As always, this varies per person.


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