Power Up is a one-of-a-kind Repeat Item that appears in The Legend of Dragoon. This item increases the attack and magical attack of a single ally both by 1.5x for the duration of three turns. This spell item cannot be bought and cannot be dropped and can, however, be located in a chest within the Forbidden LandsKadessa. Certain creatures are eligable to using this spell item, however, there is a key difference: You can use it only a single time per battle whereas an enemy can use it an indefinite amount of times if the need be. 

The opponents of which can use this ability are as follows: Mantis Senior WardenLiving StatueGangster, Moss Dresser, Icicle Ball, Spiky Beetle, Aqua King, Death Purger, Human Hunter, and Mountain Ape.

As for bosses of which can use this ability, they are as follows: Commander SerfiusFruegel, and Feyrbrand.


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