Role Resistance Leader
Home Town Kazas

Popo is a boy from Kazas. He is a representative of the New Serdio Party which aims to end the Serdian War and oppression of Imperial Sandora.


Chapter 1: The Serdian WarEdit

As Dart and Friends enter the fort house, a mysterious boy appears in front of them. He asks them 3 questions before he let Dart and his friends in:

1. Which country do you want to win, Basil or Sandora?
2. During the war, what should powerless kids like us do?
3. Why do people have to fight?

After they answer the questions correctly, the boy reveal his name as Popo and his role as a representative of New Serdio Party. Albert reveals himself as the King of Basil, which astonishes Popo. Popo bring them down to his burrow and shows them the secret tunnel from his house that can access Black Castle without alarming the army of Imperial Sandora. He wishes Dart and friends good luck as they jumped down into the tunnel. After defeating Doel, Popo stands guard over the tunnel which prevents the Dragoons from revisiting the castle.


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