Polter Armor
Polter Armor
Location Element
Fort Magrad, Snow Field Darkness
2400 Helm
4000 Armor
3200 Sword
6,000 200
Attack Defense Counter
Helm 80
Armor 80
Sword 150
Helm 100
Armor 160
Sword 120
Helm Yes
Armor Yes
Sword Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
Helm 80
Armor 130
Sword 80
Helm 160
Armor 140
Sword 120
Helm 50
Armor 50
Sword 100
Item dropped
Soul Eater
Smoke Ball

Polter Armor is an optional boss found in Fort Magrad after traversing the snowfields that lead to Vellweb, the entrance is found at the bottom of the cliffs that are at the end where a scene will have them falling off if you get too close.


After some words about the Law City of Zenebatos you can go in and find the old court where Emperor Diaz rallied the troops for the Dragon Campaign. Rose has a flashback here once you get into the arena and it tells how she and Zieg would be married after the Campaign. However, they do not mind the caution as they would be together eternally.

After some talk, Dart makes a comment about how she is not the Rose he knew; then a red sword plunged in a column comes down and challenges them to a fight.

These are the restless spirits that could not die in the Dragon Campaign returned to one body, or armor, and is pretty savage.


This armor is Darkness based and uses a Helm, Armor, and Sword as basis and different parameters of attack.

  • Helm Command: Uses a special block command ability which can block attack, defense, items, and dragoon transformation commands. This can be cured by dragoon transformation but will eventually dissolve after a few turns.
  • Armor Command: Uses powerful Dark and Light magic: Midnight Terror, Black Rain, etc. all doing critical damage on any character.
  • Sword Command: Two attacks: One is a slash that just does a little damage. the second is a lot more intimidating as it summons a demon claw from Hell to crush a character and does Can't Combat.

Other then that side notes contain Soul Eater as a prize and the Armor of Yore in the treasure in the arena. Also no matter what, the sword will call the demon claw at least once, or many times; but always once when it dies, going for its killer.


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