Nest of Dragon 1
Nest of Dragon (竜の巣, Ryū no Su, "Dragon's Nest" or "Dragon's Lair") is the place where the heroes encounter Greham and the dragon, Feyrbrand. The forest here has been poisoned as a result of the dragon's residence.


Chapter 1: The Serdian WarEdit

Death of a DragonEdit

Inspecting the Dragon's poison

The Dragon's Poison

After the assault at Hoax, the group decides to investigate further on the culprit behind the dragon's assault. When they first enter the Nest of Dragon, Shana coughs and is sickened by the environment around her. Rose deduces that the river there is infected due the dragon's poison, and the trees around the area have mutated as well. Later Shana coughs for a few more times and kneels down because she is having difficulty breathing. Dart and Lavitz decided to get Shana away from the river so that Shana can rest and feel better. When Shana is ready to continue with their quest, Dart proceeds to the giant web at the far end corner and punctures the web with his weight. The group falls into an underground habitat and discovers the Life Water. Dart works his way up and get access to the last chamber. Dart and friends find themselves in a large cobwebbed space. Lavitz is shocked to see Greham there and chases him, Dart and the rest follow him. Lavitz is full of hatred and questions Greham for killing Servi, his father. Greham explains further before he transforms into the Jade Dragoon and challenges the group into a duel. After defeating Greham and obtaining the Jade Dragoon spirit, Shana collapses as the result of her deteriorating health. The group rushes to Lohan to find a cure for Shana.
Greham the Knight of Betrayal

Greham the traitor of whole Basil

A Cure For ShanaEdit

The group collects Life Water from the nest and purify the mutated plant obstructing the road to Shrine Of Shirley.


  1. Bravery Amulet : After taking a sip of the pure water to replenish your party, head straight up the column and turn to the right, climbing down another one. Once down, head down to the first opening on the right. Follow the passageway until you reach the room with the Save Point. Head over to the moving plant-like creature and touch it. Continue to follow the passaged way till you reach the Bravery Amulet.
  2. Spirit Potion: Now we must take the long trek back to the first entry way. Go ahead and climb up the column just to the right of the first entry way. Shortly after climbing out of the hole, you'll find another plant. Touch it and retrieve your wondrous Spirit Potion just to the left. 
  3. Body Purifier: Continue the path, touching the plants as you go along and you'll reach your Body Purifier within 20 seconds of your last treasure.
  4. Mind Purifier: This trek won't take as long as the last, but, yet again, we must backtrack to move forward. Before leaving the way you came, head towards the left and move through the entry way to your last treasure, Mind Purifier.
  5. Chain Mail : Before the spiderweb that you fall through, go up to the rockin the middle of the stream and jump across and run back along the path till you reach the chest. Also can be gained after the fight with Greham.


Name Element HP XP Gold
Lizard Man Earth 40 18 15
Mandrake Water 99 15 9
Tricky Bat Wind 30 12 6
Run Fast Thunder 66 16 12
Man Eating Bud Darkness 120 20 24


The save point + healing pool in this area makes it ideal to grind out some levels and additions before the Greham/Feyrbrand fight. You can also find Lizard Man here. He casts a Physical Attack Barrier ability which allows you to attack him for 0 damage. Just use guard until it casts Barrier and you can use additions over and over again (you'll also continue to gain SP which will level your Dragoon).



  • In the official guide it is called the "Dragon's Nest".

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