Location Element
Marshlands Earth
US 36
JAP 45
11 US 8
Attack Defense Counter
7 80 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
15 180 80
Item dropped
Body Purifier (10%)

Myconid is an earth-element based monster of which may be located within the Marshlands.

Appearance Edit

This small humanoid mushroom creature has a yellow and orange top with a white/tan body. It has a stronger recolored cousin enemy called the Toad Stool.

Battle Edit

This is a pretty weak monster unless Lavitz (who is weak to earth) is in the party. The Myconid also has a better chance to avoid physical attacks.

  • Hop - The Myconid hops up to one party member and spins hitting them for physical damage.
  • Spore - The Myconid hops up to one target and release spores onto them for magic damage and a chance to Poison them.
  • Escape - The Myconid flees from battle when low on HP.


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