Moss Dresser
Moss Dresser
Location Element
Evergreen Forest Earth
US 300
JAP 400
72 US 18
Attack Defense Counter
61 120 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
50 80 50
Item dropped
Healing Fog (8%)

Moss Dresser is an earth-element based monster of which is located within Evergreen Forest.


Moss Dresser is a type of living tree, the far more powerful cousin of Trent. This creature is named after it's physical appearance, since it is completly coated in moss. This monster most likely developped life within the Evergreen Forest due to the strong magical presence from the Forest of Winglies.


This monster is fairly straight forward with having only a single attack, that being a low physical damage dealing whip like strike using it's head named Twig Whip. It attacks slow, and so you will most likely go first. Moss Dresser is one of the few monsters of which can use the ability Power Up. That ability still does not make this monster threatning in battle, just it will take a few more hits to defeat now. They give decent experience given how easy and risk free it is to battle them. They are most undoubtedly the easiest creature in the location for the simplicity alone, when all you need to do is guard and you guarentee that you will not die.

  • Twig Whip - Moves towards a single opponent, leans it's head back and smacks it's target for low physical damage in a whip like fashion.
  • Power Up - Increases physical and magical attack power and defence by a 1.5x multiplier for the duration of three turns.

Encounter rate: Very common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Moss Dresser.

  • Moss Dresser
  • Moss Dresser x2
  • Moss Dresser + Forest Runner x2


Moss Dresser can drop the healing item Healing Fog with a rare probability of 8%. This item is the advanced version of Healing Potion, what with it's capability to fully heal a single ally and all, rather than half heal, however, it can be bought at stores from the start of this third disc and onwards for only 30 gold each, and from Lohan on the first disc. So in other words, it is not worth fighting countless battles to farm these now that they are easily obtainable. It is still very nice to receive one at random since they will continue to be useful up to and at the end of the game. These take on average 10 minutes to obtain one. As always, this varies per person.


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