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The Moon Child is a person in the game which comes to the World of Endiness every 108 years representing the 108th species.

Legend of the Moon Child Edit

Every 108 years, the Moon That Never Sets glows a deep red. This represents the birth of a new Moon Child, and the coming of the Black Monster which kills the Moon Child to prevent this godly "bliss". The legend says if this Moon Child can acquire the Moon Objects: Moon Gem, Moon Dagger, and the Moon Mirror, this in turn would release this holy bliss. As the story of The Legend of Dragoon unfolds, it is revealed that the Moon Child is the God of Destruction. Shana repeatedly exhibits strange powers, against Virage and others, and eventually it is revealed that none other than Shana is actually the Moon Child.

Rose typically says nothing on the subject, but eventually another hidden truth emerges; that she is the nemesis of the God of Destruction; she is the Black Monster that kills the Moon Child before it can attain its power. She in turn is shocked to find out that Shana is the Moon Child, having had mistaken Shana's sister Princess Louvia for this legendary manifestation.

Lloyd sought to bring about the ascension of the Moon Child, erroneously believing this would bring a new and better world, but he was duped by the ersatz Emperor Diaz. Diaz (really Melbu Frahma) knows better, and tells the party of his plans, which are to end the world and start anew.

Charle Frahma mentions that Rose had saved the world from the Moon Child 107 times which means Shana is the 108th. Since Shana is 18, calculating back - the 1st Moon Child was born 11,574 years ago at the end of the Dragon Campaign. Everyone rounds that figure to "11,000".

The three opposing forces: Dart and his quest for revenge against the Black Monster, those working to release the Moon Child on the world, and Rose with her eternal vigil to prevent the God of Destruction from ending Time, first meet in Vellweb. The Melbu Frahma-possessed Zieg confronts Dart, daring him to kill his childhood friend and love Shana. Rose declares she would be happy to do it for him, but Zieg does not allow this and he escapes taking Shana with him.

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