Midwife Gilda
Midwife Gilda
Role Midwife
Home Town Hoax
Oh. You're visiting a famous midwife, so I thought you wanted to get some advice about having a baby. Anyway, come back anytime if you are going to have one. I was the midwife for King Albert too.

-Midwife Gilda

Midwife Gilda is a civilian at Hoax. She claims to be the midwife for King Albert when he was a child.


Chapter 1: The Serdian WarEdit

Battle of HoaxEdit

Meeting Midwife Gilda

A light moment before the war

After Dart, Shana and Lavitz met Kaiser, Dart and Shana left Kaiser and Lavitz in the headquarters while they are discussing about the war strategy. As they explore Hoax, they met an old woman named Midwife Gilda who was living under the attic. She was asking whether Dart and Shana are having a baby so that she can give them some advices. Dart said no but Shana nodded her head, which Dart felt ridiculous and scolded her as it was too early. Midwife Gilda said they can find them anytime if they are going to have one because she is a famous midwife and has served King Albert before. Dart then asked her that if she has been observing the war since long time ago. Midwife Gilda nodded and said that it was 20 years ago when King Carlo passed away and his son took the throne, but Doel couldn't stand it as Albert was only six then. It is not known what cause Doel to hate King Carlo as they used to be very close, she said. When Dart and Shana are leaving, Gilda told them to find her when they need her. Dart responded by saying ""Need me" means need a midwife?", but Shana kicked him and thanks Midwife Gilda for reminding them, and then she said they were lucky to meet Midwife Gilda.



  • After the battle, Midwife Gilda can be found as a refugee in a nearby church.

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