Location Element
Marshlands Water
US 48
JAP 60
15 US 12
Attack Defense Counter
11 100 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
13 80 60
Item dropped
Spear (2%)

The Merman is a water based enemy found in the Marshlands.

Appearance Edit

The merman is a fish looking humanoid. It is green incolar with red fins and two powerful arms. It carries a silver trident. It should be noted that a cousin enemy exists called the Aqua King.

Battle Edit

This enemy can pose a threat to dart with it's magical attack. It is immune to the status Fear.

  • Stab - The merman "swims" up to the party member and stabs them with it's trident.
  • Spear Frost- The merman uses a spear frost item which is a magic water based attack on one target.

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