Melbu Frahma
Melbu Frahma
Location Element
Moon That Never Sets None
US 42,000
JAP 60,000
None None
Attack Defense Counter
120 200 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
90 250 50
Item dropped

Melbu Frahma (メルブ・フラーマ, Merubu Furāma) is the main antagonist of The Legend of Dragoon, although this is not revealed until the Dragoons confront and defeat whom they thought was Zieg, the man who defeated him eleven millennia ago.

His Japanese voice was provided by Kaneto Shiozawa, and his English voice is provided by David Babich.

Disrule and Fall Edit

years ago, the Wingly leader Melbu Frahma personally kept the soul of the Virage Embryo, God of Destruction, in a Crystal Sphere, giving him absolute power over all living creatures from the Divine Tree, planted by Soa. His older sister, Charle Frahma created five Signet Spheres for him to keep the God's body, the Moon That Never Sets floating in the sky, but he decided to create Divine Moon Objects to destroy the spheres in case he needed more power.

Frahma, according to the lore of present-day Winglies, was directly responsible for imposing on his people the genocidal directive of Wingly superiority over Humans and Dragons. Humans and Dragons had no right to live, he preached, and it was the mercy of the Winglies that suffered them to live at all, to slave for them.

His dictatorship over everything sparked the Humans, led by Emperor Diaz to fight against him and his army of Winglies in a war known as the Dragon Campaign. Many Dragoons, the elite Human warriors with Dragon power, had suffered horrible fates in the war including Zieg who was petrified after stabbing Melbu in the heart. While casting the spell, he transmigrated his soul into the man's Red-Eye Dragoon Spirit to wait for the moment he would possess him.

Faust Edit

Main article: Faust

Faust was Melbu Frahma's second in command, commander of the giant mobile weapon of Flanvel and a feared practitioner of magic whose powers surpassed Frahma himself. Faust's consciousness survived the millenia, remaining in the Tower of Flanvel. Faust could summon an apparition to do his bidding, a simulacrum of himself with most of his powers. Frahma feared Faust's power; suspecting him of disloyalty, he created the 'Vanishing Stone', with the capability of banishing Faust's double.

Resurgence Edit

Melbu Frahma was defeated. His body was dead. His reign was over. Even those over whom he had ruled were defeated, and slaughtered or exiled; their cities would remain as rubble and ruin for millenia to come. But with all his evil qualities, he had one strength turned to terrible purpose, and that was a persistence that would last the ages.

After over 10,000 years, the spell that bound Zieg Feld in stone finally failed, and Zieg was free to wander Endiness. He met Claire, married her, and settled with his new wife in Neet where they had their son Dart. When Dart was 5 years old, the Black Monster appeared and proceeded to destroy Neet and its inhabitants.  Leaving his family in where he presumed they would be safe, Zieg turned to face the Black Monster and attempted to use his Red-Eye Dragoon Spirit.  Melbu Frahma, who had implanted his own spirit inside the Dragoon Spirit, seized control of Zieg's mind and body.

Melbu Frahma, now in control of Zieg's body, made his way to Kazas and its Black Castle, finding the ruler of Sandora, Emperor Doel, a man whose morals were broken by his ambitions, and thus an easy target for manipulation. He met the idealistic Lloyd, finding his drive to undo the wrongs committed by Humans and Winglies alike to be a similarly fertile ground for his machinations. Together these minions of Frahma began to stoke the fires of war and unrest in the region; the Serdian War gave both a pretext and a means for Sandoran agents such as Fruegel to infiltrate the Duchy of Basil and other places. They went in search of the Moon Objects, to release the body of the Virage Embryo, and the mortal vessel of its soul, the Moon Child, that Frahma craved.

Luckily for Frahma, this coincided with the one time in 11,000 years that Rose had erred in her unceasing siege of the earthly manifestation of the soul of the God of Destruction, the Virage Embryo, and the dark Disciples that it made of those around it. Neet was merely one of the many places Rose had sought the Moon Child, and although she was later to find Princess Louvia in passage on the boat that bore her name, she could not know that the Princess had a foundling sister, and did not guess. Shana grew up completely unaware of the tragic destiny surrounding her birth and life, but Frahma could still sense her presence, and as she grew up, finding her became a greater and greater priority for the forces of Melbu Frahma, both great and small.


First Form

  • Divine Magic - Does random final tier spells dealing massive magical damage potential to one or all targets depending.
  • Summon Virages - Summons three Complete Virages to land down and do Snipe Laser at once dealing massive magical damage to all targets.
  • Defend - Guards until targeted by an Addition or until the duration of three turns has passed.
  • Counter Attack - After player defends, damage is returned to them.
  • Petrify Beam - Forms a ball of energy within his hand, then fires it as a beam towards a single target inflicting Petrification upon hit with a given probability.
  • Shift Change - The field changed upon receiving a certain plethora of damage, cancels current Shift Change.

Second Form

  • Laser Sword - Creates a whipe beam of magic in the shape of a sword and swings it towards a single target dealing medium to high physical damage potential.
  • Black Hole - Absorbes a single target into its body, rendering them unable to have control over for one or many turns.
  • White Hole - 
  • Divine Cannon - Used randomly after Black Hole, it releases the absorbed target by launching them out towards a target dealing massive physical damage to both or all targets.
  • Shift Change - The field changed upon receiving a certain plethora of damage, cancels current Shift Change.

 Third Form

  • Day / Night Change - Changes the time of day to either daytime or night time, and as a result changes its attack pattern and use of elements.
  • Rail Gun - Attacks during night time phase by having a blue energy sphere obit very rapidly around its base then launch towards a single target, dealing medium to high physical damage.
  • High Gravity - 
  • Crush Claw - 
  • Galaxy Gun - 
  • Command Block - Inflicts Command Block upon a single target, preventing them from using a random command.
  • Death Meteor - 
  • Heat Wave - 
  • Summon - Summons four "Bomb Stars" onto the battlefield.
  • Shift Change - The field changed upon receiving a certain plethora of damage, cancels current Shift Change.

 Fourth Form

  • Creation Magic - 
  • Sledge Blitz - 
  • Pottery Typhoon - 
  • Frozen Dome - 
  • Armament Angels - 
  • Screen Combat - 
  • Fling - 
  • Confusion Song - Inflicts Confusion to all targets upon hit with a given probability.
  • Dragon Block Staff - Halves all dragon and dragoon attacks and defenses in both physical and magical for the duration of four turns. Only uses once two Monsters have been summoned.
  • Shift Change - The field changed upon receiving a certain plethora of damage, cancels current Shift Change.

 Tentacle (First Form)

  • Giant Whip - Smashes a single target for medium to high physical damage.

Bomb Star (Third Form)

  • Meteoric Swarm - Self destructs upon all targets, dealing medium to high physical damage potential.

Do note, this monster will disapear if it becomes day or if the third form is defeated.

Monster (Fourth Form)

  • Instant Death - Inflicts Can't Combat upon a single target.
  • Gnaw - Rushes towards a single target and bites them, dealing high to massive physical damage potential.
  • Parasite Leech - Launches small parasites towards a single target, dealing medium to high physical damage potential.
  • Impersonating - Creates a shadow below it and dives into it, then a shadow appears below a random target and its arms grab and pull that target below, only for it to surface and be under your command. It completly replaced your character only having two commands to use: attack and Special (Which heals all allies fully), for the duration of three turns. From there, it dies and your ally returns to the field.

The Generations Edit

Throughout the battle, it can be observed that it's actually split across seven generations - shifting or skipping as the player fells each form of the boss. They demonstrate various stages throughout the timeline of the game's world and arguably, Soa's plan. Of these seven, Melbu shall be fought in three of them. An interesting fact is that these generations show an inspiration from aspects of religious stories, particularly the days of creation described in Genesis.

The First Generation

  • The battle with Melbu's second form takes place here. It is simply a void of relative nothingness, asides from streams of light and energy. It's somewhat reminiscent of the Big Bang, the volatile beginnings of the universe and time itself.
  • This appears to reference the first day of Genesis, as quoted here: "And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."

The Second Generation

  • The environment from the previous generation leads to the next stage of the world's creation as energy starts to coalesce into matter - creating a landscape which will form the medium for Soa's Divine Tree, and life altogether.

The Third Generation

  • This phase shows stormy clouds and rain. The introduction of water is obviously important as it is essential for life to thrive and sustain itself. As time passes, it will carve the landscape to suit the purposes and niches for all life, while the clouds point towards the creation of a stable atmosphere.
  • As well, it seems to be inspired by the third day of creation from Genesis: "And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry [land] appear: and it was so."

The Fourth Generation

  • This depicts the formation of stars and galaxies, as the world is fully formed, albeit without life.
  • The fourth day of Genesis once again sums up the generation quite well: "Let there be luminaries in the expanse of the heavens, to distinguish between the day and the night."
  • Melbu's third form is fought here, which has rotating orbs that resemble a spheroid in orbit around a larger celestial body.

The Fifth Generation

  • Presumably, the Divine Tree finally sprouts in this generation as the land becomes inhabited by flora and fauna, replete with life. Soa's plan starts to move fleetingly as more species start to thrive on the lush world. Per Genesis, day 5 depicts it as this "And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl [that] may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven."

The Sixth Generation

  • A slideshow shows events that take place as mankind inhabits the world, through photos of camaraderie, innovation, overcoming species of old (dragons), sorrow and death. This depicts the growth, the thriving and their end as the Virage Embryo is soon born.
  • The sixth day is described by Genesis as being the day mankind was created: "And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so."

The Seventh Generation

  • The finishing of Soa's creation and plan, after which Soa finally went to rest, along with the rest of life. The environment shows a dark barren world ravaged by apparent destruction. All that remains of life now are their bones and skeletons piled up in mountains, making up the very ground itself. The once nourishing bodies of water forever replaced by oceans of blood and lava. It can be assumed that this what the world was destined to become had Soa's plan gone through without interruption, allowing the 108th species to be born.
  • The clash with Melbu's fourth and final form takes place here. Luckily by defeating him, such a horrific vision of the world will never be realized.
  • If one assumes that this world is the end result of Soa's plan, then it can arguably be found to line up with the seventh day described in Genesis: "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made."




  • In the Japanese manual's credits, Melbu is credited as "Melb".[1]
  • Ironically, Melbu created the Dragon Buster to defeat the Dragons and Dragoons. But in the end, he is killed with the Dragon Buster wielded by 2 Dragoons.