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Marshlands (湿地帯, Shitchi-tai, "Humid Terrain") lies between Hoax and Volcano Villude and is a wilderness area rich in wildlife and consequently monsters. This place is also home to one of the commanding fort's of the Basil Army. This fort was surprise attacked by the Sandoran Army and the Green-Tusked Dragon Feyrbrand.


Chapter 1: The Serdian WarEdit

Death of a Dragon
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Seventh Fort under attack


Once Dart and company leaves Hoax, they head to the Seventh Fort to help the 10th and 13th Knighthoods stop the assault by Feyrbrand and the Sandoran army. The team fight pairs of Sandoran Soldiers until they make it to the entrance of the fort. When they do, they are confronted by the squadron's Commander. After they kill him, they go into the fort to look for survivors. Near the back of the fort the party discovers the last living soldier. The man has been poisoned by the dragon's breath and and warns them of it. He hands Lavitz a Wargod Amulet before dying. Lavitz swears "We will wreak your revenge upon them...."

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Shana stuck her foot in mud

The group leaves the Seventh Fort and makes their way to Volcano Villude. As they leave the Marshlands, Shana gets her foot caught in the mud and twists her ankle. Dart runs to her side to make sure she is okay. He believes she cannot walk and insists that he give her a piggy back ride. Shana does not want to because it is embarrassing but Dart reminds her that he used to give her piggy back rides all the time when they were younger. She gives in and thanks dart for the help. Shana and Dart talk about Shana's weakness and need for help, but that she can rely on Dart more like the old times. When Shana is okay, Dart puts her down and they move onto Volcano Villude.

Dart piggybacks Shana

Dart piggybacks Shana


Spirit Potion Spirit Potion Chest Marshlands
Spirit Potion Spirit Potion Chest 2 Marshlands
Sun Rhapsody Sun Rhapsody Chest Marshlands
Sun Rhapsody Sun Rhapsody Chest Marshlands 2
Burn Out Burn Out Chest Marshlands
Body Purifier Body Purifier Chest Marshlands
Stun Guard  Stun Guard Chest Marshlands
Magic Stone of Signet Magic Stone of The Signet Chest Marshlands
Healing Potion
Healing Potion Chest Marshlands
Lance Lance Chest Marshlands
Wargods Amulet Wargods Amulet Marshlands

Name Element HP XP Gold
Crocodile Wind 33 17 6
Merman Water 60 15 12
Myconido Earth 30 11 8
Sea Dragon Fire 37 14 9
Sandora Soldier Fire & Water 55 & 66 11 & 14 9 & 12
Sandora Commander Darkness 132 17 9



Inside the fireplace in the Seventh Fort. Marshland stardust 1


  • Returning to the fort area of the Marshlands after Albert joins the party will result in a short scene in which Albert and Dart discuss Sandora's occupation of Bale.


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