Location Element
Prairie Earth
US 20
JAP 26
12 US 6
Attack Defense Counter
8 150 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
6 75 50
Item dropped
Pellet (8%)

Mantis is an earth-element based monster of which is located within the Prairie. This monster is the most powerful of which dwells here.

Appearance Edit

This monster is a physically massive, green skinned, six legged insect-like monster. It has two power pincers, three fangs and a single orange eye. Its body is sleek and thin with a semi long tail that curves upward. Its head has several jagged points upon it.

Battle Edit

The Mantis uses a variety of moves to attack both physically and magically.

  • Double Cut - The mantis's standard attack where it runs up to the target and slashes it twice with its claws
  • Power up - The mantis strengthens its self with this move gaining 1.5 times both attack and defense.
  • Pellet - The mantis uses a spell that functions just like the attack item pellet, dealing magic earth damage.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Mantis.

  • Mantis
  • Mantis + Crescent Bee
  • Mantis + Vampire Kiwi


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