Magician Bogey
Location Element
Phantom Ship Darkness
US 800
JAP 1,000
72 US 24
Attack Defense Counter
56 120 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
40 60 50
Item dropped
Magical Hat (2%)

Magician Bogey is creature of which can be located within treasure chests on  board the Phantom Ship.

Apperance Edit

It's appearance is that of a purple legless ghost with a curved mustache, wearing a top hat, and wielding a black cane in its left hand. It makes an unsettling smile.

Battle Edit

You battle this creature only on three different occassions. The first is when you open a chest in the first room below the deck, the second encounter takes place when you open the chest in the second room down that same corridor, the third and final fight with it is when you open the chest to the far left in the final room at the head of said hallway. In each battle it's stats and techniques remain the same, just with different creatures backing it up in battle. The first being all alone, the second being defended by two skeletons and the third is the toughest where you shall battle three Magician Bogey's simultaneously. These creatures deal medium to high damage depending on your level and items, they can also bewitch your members which is dangerous since you do alot of damage to yourself, and worst of all it can stun you. Basically unless you guard alot fo weak havok on one at a time or have to dragoon the battle away or even possible just have alot of Body Purifiers and Mind Purifiers in case, then it will be annoying. You can however use the Magic Stone of Signet to block three turns of movement for a single target which will allow the player to take it out more quickly using physical attacks. You could also usethe dragoon spell from Rose  known as Demons Gate which is recommended in the third and final battle between them since it destroys them all instantly. Using Repeat Items such as Speed Up will be recommended if you do not choose to use Demons Gate.

  • Normal Attack - Magician Bogey floats forward to strike target with cane
  • Flowers - The Magician Bogey floats up to target and takes off top hat to have flowers spring out of the hat. This can cause the Bewitchment status
  • Stun Attack - Takes off top hat and bats fly out attacking target causing the Stun status

Do note that when you destroy the 5 Magician Bogey's, you shall not ever encounter or fight them ever again.

Encounter rate: Three manditory times in a row

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Magician Bogey.

  • Magician Bogey + Skeleton x2
  • Magician Bogey x3


Magician Bogey drops the Magical Hat with the very rare probability of 2%. This item is a great item with it's +50% max magic effect, so it can be very great, especially since it can be worn by any member. You cannot retrieve this item again until the fourth disc so if you want it, you should  get it.


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