Dabas PocketStation

Dabas explaining how the Shiny Bag works to Dart.

Dabas' item bag that stores all of your items

-Prima's Official Strategy Guide

Magic Shiny Bag item that is obtained from Dabas during the first meeting at Volcano Villude in the Japanese version of the game.

This item is widely misunderstood as an inventory enhancement obtained by playing the PocketStation mini-game. In reality, it is actually the item that lets you play the game. In the mini-game "MooGuru Dabas", you play as Dabas and dig underground tunnels below his shop. The game has no real goal or a big reward. You just go through tunnels, find items and gold, and send them to Legend of Dragoon. (This explains why enemies drop more gold in the North American version. Removal of the PocketStation feature forced developers to re-balance the game.)


Magic Shiny Bag plays a huge role in this mini-game with its teleportation powers. When you meet Dabas the second time, he demonstrates these powers to Dart (shown in the picture) by putting an item to one bag, and taking it out from the other. (It is also interesting to note that this item was called "Dabas' Bag" in the "Goods" screen but it changes to "Magic Shiny Bag" after said cutscene) All of this is the explanation for how Dart receives these items found in Dabas' basement from anywhere in Endiness. Dabas finds something in the tunnel, puts it into his bag, and Dart receives it from his bag.

Long story short, Magic Shiny Bag is neither an inventory enhancement nor a reward from MooGuru Dabas. It is given to the player at Volcano Villude in the Japanese version of the game and it let's you play the mini game after meeting Dabas.


The PocketStation was a device for the PlayStation that allows access to additional features in certain games. Unfortunately, the PocketStation was never released outside of Japan, however the NTSC/PAL versions of the game still has the mini-game on disc as a rom file called "DABAS.BIN" and if you have an import PocketStation, you can still play it.



  • If a cheat device is used to obtain the item in the NTSC/PAL version, the description given in the Goods inventory would read "Dabas forced him. Seems useless, but kept as a memento."
  • There are around 70 other games that supports the PocketStation.

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