Mad Skull
Mad Skull
Location Element
Moon That Never Sets Thunder
US 799
JAP 999
400 US 51
JAP 17
Attack Defense Counter
120 250 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
105 100 65
Item dropped
Flash Hall (8%)

Mad Skull is the only thunder-element based monster of which is located within The Everlasting Moon, or otherwise known as The Moon That Never Sets.


It is a massive floating skull with six skeletal arms ending in three long, purple clawed hands extending out from the sides of said skull. Upon its face lies empty hollowed out eye sockets and within its mouth is a single eyeball with a red iris. It has a horn above each eye socket and two tusks coming out from its mouth on the upper jaw area. A large tattoo of what appears to be a spine is running from it's forehead to the back of the skull. There is a large spike below its body, and also it can float in the air.


This monster has the highest physical defense of all monsters in The Legend of Dragoon if not then very close to it, and so it is highly recommended to use magical attacks. Even if you use max level final Additions at decently high levels you may not defeat it in a single hit. As its health is actually fairly high, physical damage is just very innefective. Its attacks aren't very potent either luckily, however, it can use four different Status Ailments upon your characters. These consist of: Stun, Poison, Fear, and Confusion. Stun isn't that bad, but the other three can severely impact your battle, especially if there happens to also be a Psyche Druid with it. It is also the thunder element meaning no spell item will be more potent in that sense since it has no elemental weakness. The Psychedelic Bomb X is highly recommended.

  • Multiple Arms - Floats towards a single target and bombardes them with an ferocious swipes from each arm, dealing medium to high physical damage potential.
  • Stunning HammerInflicts Stun towards a single target upon hit with a given probability.
  • Poison NeedleInflicts Poison towards a single target upon hit with a given probability.
  • Midnight TerrorInflicts Fear towards a single target upon hit with a given probability.
  • Panic Bell - Inflicts Confusion towards a single target upon hit with a given probability.

Do note, this monster is immune to Can't Combat and all abnormal Status Ailments.

Encounter rate: Common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Mad Skull.

  • Mad Skull
  • Mad Skull x2
  • Mad Skull + Unicorn
  • Mad Skull + Unicorn x2
  • Mad Skull + Psyche Druid


Upon defeat, this monster may drop the spell item Flash Hall with a rare probability of 8%. This is the most potent light-element spell item and so can be very useful especially against Roulette Face. It can be bought for 20 gold. The average amount of time to obtain this is roughly 10 minutes. As always, this varies per person.


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