Lohan (商業都市ロアン, Shōgyō Toshi Roan, "Commercial City Loan") is a large commercial town where the player can find some special equipment that can only be bought here.

The player can also find Dabas' antique shop here.


Chapter 1: The Serdian WarEdit

Cure for ShanaEdit

After fighting Greham and Feyrbrand in Nest of Dragon, Dart and friends reach Lohan where they take the unconscious Shana to a doctor. After Shana has been examined by the doctor, he reveals that the only cure is a Dragoni Plant. Dart, Rose and Lavitz takes off to Shrine of Shirley to find the plant.

Expensive pot

On their way there, the get stopped by a merchant trying to sell a pot to the heroes, but when he wants 100,000,000 gold, Dart refuses. After some haggling, Dart gets the pot for free. On the way through Nest of Dragon they find a huge plant blocking the way to the shrine, so they use their newly bought pot to pour some water from the cavern onto the plant to make it disappear.

Once back, they have the White-Silver Dragoon Spirit in hand, which they got from Shirley. They give it to the unconscious Shana, who wakes up and becomes the fourth Dragoon.

Down TimeEdit

After the awakening of Shana, the group goes to the yearly tournament "Hero Competition", which Dart signs up to participate in. Before beginning the contest, Dart meet his old friend Haschel who has also signed up. After some chatting, the contest begins. Dart faces and defeats four opponents before facing the mysterious swordsman called Lloyd, who dodges Dart's attacks without breaking a sweat. After a while Lloyd finishes off Dart, badly injuring him and Lloyd becomes the victor of the contest.

When the heroes reaches the entrance of Lohan, a dying solider stumbles in and tells Lavitz that king Albert has been kidnapped and taken to Hellena Prison by Fruegel. Haschel joins the group and they make their way to Hellena.


There are several shops in Lohan and every shop is literally in the same building.

Name Price
Active Ring 60
Angel Scarf 5000
Cape 60
Dragon Shield 5000
Lance 100
Legend Casque 10000
Panic Guard 300
Phantom Shield 10000
Power Wrist 200
Protector 200
Ultimate Wargod 10000
Wargod Calling 1000
Name Price
Angel's Prayer 30
Body Purifier 10
Charm Potion 4
Gushing Magma 20
Healing Potion 10
Mind Purifier 20
Spinning Gale 10
Sun Rhapsody 50


  • Angel Robe (To the right outside of Dabas' Shop, barely visible)
  • 200G (Enter the green door across from the Clinic, then through the door to the left)
  • 100G (To the right on the way to the Arena, across from the Stardust)


By the entrance inside the pots near the guard dressed in blue. Lohan stardust 3
Inside a basket near the Arena. Lohan stardust 4
Inside a suit of armor in Dabas Antiques shop. Lohan stardust 1
Go down the hidden ladder found behind the bookshelf and search the fireplace. Lohan stardust 2