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Role Librarian
Home Town Deningrad
voice actor

Ute is the librarian of the Mille Seseau National Library in Deningrad. He is well educated in all there is to possibly know about the Dragon Campaign, as well as the Black Monster and the Moon Child. Because of his extensive knowledge, he carries an air of pride in the title of "Librarian Ute", as shown when Dart and his companions first speak to him. Ute is somewhat elderly as Haschel remarked on the fact a few times when they first met. In response to being asked if he is acting superior again, he replies, "Of course. I am superior."

Despite his superiority complex, Ute is certainly a wise man and enjoys learning from the books he oversees. In addition to the Dragon Campaign, he also shows reverence for the tragedy of Neet and solemnly shows Dart the collection of surviving artifacts from the village. He expressed shock that there was even another survivor and guided them to the other only known survivor: Luanna, the Second Sacred Sister.


  • In the Japanese manual's credits, Ute is credited as "Uti".[1]



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