Leather Shoes
User Shana, Rose, Meru, Miranda
Purchasable No
Price N/A
Defense 0
Effects N/A
Drops N/A
Location Initial

Leather Shoes are the initially equipped footwear for both Shana and Rose, as well may be equipped upon any female character such as Meru and Miranda. These boots yield the by far lowest stats and usefulness / effectiveness and as such are the least beneficial to have equipped and so should be replaced with an upgrade upon availability.

How to obtainEdit

The only method available to obtain this armor piece is to have Shana or Rose join the party as they have it defaultly equipped, otherwise it isn't possible to purchase and no regularly encounterable, unique, or boss monster can or will drop it. And so, this sole method is quite limited.


The Leather Shoes have absolutely no effect or benefit on your character, rather they are simply there for logic since no foot wear would indicate they are prancing around barefoot. Considering it has no stats at all, not a single Status Ailment, special effect, or otherwise, it is considered useless for battle and is urged for the player to immediatly replace it with anything as it will prove to be more effective. Be aware that most footwear is found beyond the first disc, and so these will have to do for said time being.


Description Location
Shana Tumblr lbp2fnnQr31qegpdqo1 400
Rose Rose

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