Leather Jacket
User Shana, Rose, Miranda
Purchasable Yes
Price 50 Gold
Defense 7
Effects N/A
Drops N/A
Location Initial Rose
Hellena Prison

Leather Jacket is among the weakest armors equippable by three of the four female characters, consisting of: Shana, Rose, and Miranda. It is greater than Clothes, however, is similar in usefulness. Unlike Clothes, it can be purchased and found in chests. It is initially equipped onto Rose.

How to obtainEdit

This armor can be obtained by travelling to Hellena Prison the first time, progressing to the large chasm with the few lifts to rise or descend onto different platforms, without using any, there will be a door on the leftmost side of the screen near one. Upon entering, you will notice three treasure chests. It is within the chest farthest to the right. Do note, if you do not open this chest, you can still retrieve it the second time entering or whenever you want after that.

The second obtainable method is by traveling to The City of Bale and entering the equipment shop building. The vendor will sell to you a Leather Jacket for 50 Gold each. They are both equally very easy ways, however, you may miss the chest if you simply rush to your destination and so at this point you would have most undoubtedly purchased this unless already equipped with superior armor.

Playing through the story until after the events of Hoax when Rose joins you will yield you another one as default, equipped onto her.


This armor is indeed much better than its predecessor, Clothes, and is recommended to immediatly equip. Although it also lacks an armor effect, its increased defense and magical defense will prove to be greatly beneficial in combat of all sorts in comparison. Once again, it has greater magical resiliance and so it shall protect more effectively against magical attacks.


Description Location
Located within the furthest west chest of the room below where you find the key situated in Hellena Prison.
Leather Jacket Chest Hellena Prinson
The equipment shop in Bale as a ware.
Leather Jacket in Bale Equipment Shop

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