Leather Boots
User Dart, Lavitz, Haschel, Albert, Kongol
Purchasable No
Price N/A
Defense 0
Effects N/A
Drops N/A
Location Initial

Leather Boots are the initial boots equipped on Dart and Lavitz, they can be equipped to any male character and yield the least beneficialness of any boots available to male characters. It is highly recommended to replace these with an upgrade upon availability.

How to obtainEdit

The only method to obtain these boots are by defaultly having them placed into your inventory upon having Dart and Lavitz join the party. You cannot purchase these from any vendor, find them in any treasure chest, or have them drop from any regularly encounterable, unique or boss monster upon their defeat. This one method is limited.


These boots, although they are equipped, really do nothing to you. They have no defense and no effects granted for wearing them, and so they do not benefit you in any way. It is as if you aren't wearing anything there, so they aren't necessarily bad but they do absolutely nothing good or beneficial in battle or in general. You won't find a newer pair of boots for some time after starting the game and so they will have to do until then.


Description Location
Dart Dart
Lavitz Lavitz

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