Leather Armor
User Dart, Lavitz, Albert
Purchasable No
Price N/A
Defense 2
Effects N/A
Drops N/A
Location Initial
Hellena Prison (Second time)

Leather Armor is the initial armor equipped by three of the playable male characters, consisting of: Dart, Lavitz, and Albert. This armor is male equippable only. Since it is initial armor, it would also happen to be the worst male armor in the game. It has no effects or significant stats. Like Clothes, it cannot be purchased.

How to obtainEdit

There are two methods to obtaining this armor, the first of which is by far the easiest: to have any of the aforementioned characters added into your party. This is due to it being their initial armor equipped, and so you can get three of this armor for free using this surefire method.

The second method is by entering Hellena Prison for the second time and locating a chest from which this armor is present. If you miss this chest and return later, you can still retrieve the item. Also, do note that these are the only ways to obtain it and so it is a very limited armor.


This armor has no effects and so can't be deemed more useful than an armor with effects, especially considering its massively low stats. This armor is one of which you will want to instantly replace the moment you encounter greater armor. Do note, however, that both its defense and magical defense are equal at 2 and so this armor doesn't make you more vulnerable to a specific type of attack.


Description Location
Hellena Prison (Second visit)

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