Last Kraken
Last Kraken
Location Element
Aglis Water
US 12,000
JAP 15,000
12,000 300
Attack Defense Counter
110 140 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
90 200 50
Item dropped
Pretty Hammer (100%)

The Last Kraken is a boss found in Aglis in disc 4. He guards the first signet of Soa from anyone who dares try to break it and free the body of the Virage Embryo and bring it to earth. When you first encounter this boss, Zeig appears and will talk to you. It seems the Last Kraken is under Zeig's control. That is the sole reason why you must fight it. Luckily, the Last Kraken is the only enemy to kill because Zeig doesn't want to get his hands dirty. After the party defeats the Last Kraken, Zeig will the break the first signet and then fly off.


Standard attack: he attacks with his tentacles

Spell: his back shows lightning, and he casts a single spell of either water or lightning, this can be a real pain because one of his spells causes a lot of damage.  There is also multiple character spells that he casts on party members.

Cleone Spawn: seems like he shoots out two fairies called "Cleones" that are both monsters and attacks, if you don't swat at them they will fly at a party member and explode, if there are no fairies on the field, he will spawn two more. Even if he dies, the battle will continue until the fairies are dead.

Hydro Cannon: He lifts up his upper-shell and a cannon shows and fires a large amount of water at one party member dealing large amout of damage


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