Land Skater
Land Skater
Location Element
Kashua Glacier Water
US 341
JAP 390
88 US 33
JAP 11
Attack Defense Counter
58 100 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
63 120 60
Item dropped
Spear Frost (8%)

Land Skater is a Water element creature of which is located within Kashua Glacier.


Land Skater physically is a large penguin with very big eyebrows and a long red beak. It has white fur on the front and black in the back, large claws on it's talons and green eyes. It wields a swordfish as it's weapon. There is a pattern on it's stomach.


This creature isn't too powerful, however, it's Spear Frost can be devastating towards Dart. If you just recently decided to use the Mind Crush for Dart, it's status ailment won't be of use what with this opponent being immune to confusion. It's chance to evade attacks is fairly high which can get annoying quickly.

  • Quick Strike - Slides towards a single target slashing them with it's swordfish blade dealing low physical damage.
  • Spear FrostSeveral spears of ice rain down upon a single target dealing medium water element magical damage.
  • Escape - Flee's the battle.

Do note that this creature is immune to confusion, also it may evade your attacks with a givin probability.

Encounter rate: Very common

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Land Skater.

  • Land Skater
  • Land Skater + Rocky Turtle
  • Land Skater + Freeze Knight x2
  • Land Skater x2 + Icicle Ball


This creature drops the spell item Spear Frost with a rare probability of 8%. This spell item can be bought for 10 gold. It is an alright spell item, not too special though and can be obtained in many ways. Considering this and the next few areas are all cold, it really would be pretty useless anyways. If you intend to get one, the average time is around 15 minutes, this however, varies per person.