Killer Bird
Killer Bird
Location Element
Valley of Corrupted Gravity Darkness
US 140
JAP 200
36 US 12
Attack Defense Counter
26 80 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
31 120 80
Item dropped
Panic Bell (8%)

Killer Bird is a darkness element creature of which is located within the Valley of Corrupted Gravity.


It appears as some sort of small bird incapable of flight with a rather large pointed beak proportional to it's body and with very large talons. This creature is a much stronger cousin to the Vampire Kiwi. The color scheme of each has changed from yellow fur and blue talons to purple fur and red talons. Also Killer Bird can do Ultrasonic, an attack Vampire Kiwi cannot.


This creature has low health and physical defence, so you should be able to take it out in a hit, possibly two at most. They are not damaging with any of their three attacks and even if one recovered slightly with Blood Sucking, you would be basically guarenteed to have defeated it in the next turn. These are by far the weakest creature in the area since in all reality they pose no true threat even to under-leveled players. 

  • Quick Pick - Runs towards a single target and picks at them with it's beak dealing low physical damage.
  • Blood Sucking - Runs towards a single target and sucks their blood which deals low physical damage and heals it by the same amount.
  • Ultrasonic - Makes an ultrasonic frequency from it's mouth towards a single target dealing low magic damage inflicting either Stun or Confuse on hit.

Battle pairing / formationEdit

All battle formations of which you will encounter a Killer Bird.

  • Killer Bird
  • Killer Bird x2 + Spider Urchin
  • Killer Bird x2 + Erupting Chick


Killer Birds drop the Panic Bell with an 8% probability. This is a very good item for vanquishing unique creatures such as the Rainbow Bird. It's of the easiest ways to gain the massive experiance, gold rewards and or rare item rewards from them without the use of a sachet. It still isn't recommended, however, to farm these considering you can buy them midway into the fourth disc where Rainbow Birds are plentiful. This early it really isn't worth it, unless of course you have your own specific need for one. If you want one it should take roughly 30 minutes at that rate, however, it varies from person to person and their luck.


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