Kayla Image
Role Second Mate of Queen Fury
Home Town Queen Fury

Character Edit

Kayla is the second mate on the Queen Fury. She is seen in both Donau and Fueno.

Personality Edit

Kayla has a very spunky attitude towards life and her duties aboard the Queen Fury. She is often seen helping in the engine room aboard the Queen Fury, runinng about helping the crew.



Kayla is found gaurding the queen fury enterance when you arrive. She calls out to Commodore Puler when you arrive. After  abrief conversations she acts as the "are you ready" character to move forward with the story.

Queen FuryEdit

Kayla is found in the engine room assisting the crew in servicing the engine.


Kayla is act the dock lamenting about Dart and Rose's fate. After the fight with Lenus she again acts as the "are you ready" character.

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