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Violet Dragoon warrior Kanzas
Location Element
Vellweb Thunder
12000 6000 300
Attack Defense Counter
{{{AT}}} {{{DF}}} {{{Cntr}}}
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
{{{MAT}}} {{{MDF}}} {{{SPD}}}
Item dropped
Violet Stone

Kanzas was the original Violet Dragoon during the Dragon Campaign. He was very interested in killing and kept clay dolls of all the people he killed. It was Shirley who convinced Kanzas to join in the fight for freedom.

While the other dragoons were fleeing Kanzas stayed behind to fight a Super Virage, he self-destructed to kill it and in turn killed himself. When he died his soul lived on, but thanks to Shirley who fixed all of the original Dragoon's souls to go to Vellweb rather than the Death City Mayfil, his soul rested in his tower at Vellweb, where he waited.

Dragoon AdditionEdit

Kanzas is using the same addition as Haschel, except in the end of the addition where Haschel yells when performing his electric "Hadouken", Kanzas makes no sound.

Dragoon MagicEdit

Kanzas uses all of the magic Haschel can use with the exception of Thunder Kid. The magic Kanzas can use are Atomic Mind, Thunder God, and Violet Dragon.


Legend of Dragoon - Optional Boss07:48

Legend of Dragoon - Optional Boss

Fight against Kanzas

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