Kamuy front
Location Element
Evergreen Forest None
4000 8000 0
Attack Defense Counter
{{{AT}}} {{{DF}}} {{{Cntr}}}
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
{{{MAT}}} {{{MDF}}} {{{SPD}}}
Item dropped
Darkness Stone

Kamuy (カムイ, Kamui) is actually an optional boss encounter, albeit one taken on by most players. Kamuy was Teo's normal and lovable household pet until the recent mutation of animals in the vicinity, which caused him to turn huge and savage. He is made the target of the annual hunt by the mayor of the town of Furni, whose daughter, Fa, was attacked by the beast.

Newly arrived to Mille Sesau, the party promise to rid the town of the once-pet-now-monster. They track him through the woods nearby and defeat him; when Shana uses her White Dragoon Spirit to restore life to Kamuy, its healing powers not only revive him, but return him to his former self.

During BattleEdit

During battle, all of Kamuy attacks deal moderate damage at this stage in the game. He does not have very many attacks, but the attacks he does use can be very efficient. Defeating him yields the Darkness Stone. The attacks he uses are listed below.

  • Attack: Kamuy pounces on one party member and bites them.
  • Howl: Kamuy howls causing the Stun status, this can be prevented by defending. A stun guard can help, however the attacks may miss. This causes no damage.
  • Spirit Wolf: Kamuy runs to the top of his tree and howls causing energy to be released from the tree, this energy flies and hits the party.

Character Specific StrategyEdit

  • Dart: Just use additions and heal when necessary.
  • Lavitz/Albert: Just have him use additions.
  • Shana/Miranda: Have her attack, defend and use magic items.
  • Rose: Have her use additions and heal every now and again.
  • Haschel: Just have him use additions, he is not useful for anything else.
  • Meru: Have her attack and use magic items.
  • Kongol: Just like Haschel have him use only additions, he has no other purpose.

Note: Lavitz is included just in case you use a Game Shark or another cheating device to hack him back in your party.


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