Jade Dragon Armor
User Albert
Purchasable Yes
Price 800 Gold
Defense 54
Effects Nullify wind damage
Drops N/A
Location The Law City, Zenebatos
The Moon That Never Sets

Jade Dragon Armor is the most powerful and final armor attainable by Albert. This armor isn't dropped by any random encounterable monsters or boss monsters, and so you must resort to buying it. It can however be bought at two seperate places, one of which is a location before the point of no return.

How to getEdit

There are two methods to obtaining this armor, the first of which is to go on the second screen within The Law City, Zenebatos and talk to the golden Shop Lapto, he will sell it to you for 800 Gold each. It is highly recommended to buy here since you won't be able to for quite a while and this is the only time before you pass the point of no return in The Death City, Mayfil

The second way to obtain this is only after you have passed the point of no return and are on your way into The Everlasting Moon is to head into the inn and up the stairs on the upper right hand corner to the merchant who will sell you the armor for 800 Gold each. Once here, it is fully recommended to buy it.


This armor could prove to be very useful if you have Albert as a primary party member in super boss fights against the likes of The Divine Dragon Spirit or Magician Faust. Both are easily capable of doing thousands of damage per attack so it can be the difference between life or death. It helps alot too since three of the five monsters in The Law City, Zenebatos are wind-element based monsters. Once on The Moon That Never Sets, it would prove very beneficial to use it against Mad Skull, and Melbu Frahma. With its elevated stats, it would prove to in general be the best choice against the random encounterables and boss fights.


Description Location
The Law City, Zenebatos

 sold by the shop vendor "Shop Lapto", it's the golden one.

Zenebatos Robot Shop Vendor
The Everlasting Moon, inside the inn. Sold by the equipment vendor in the upper right hand corner.
Jade Dragon Armor in Store

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