Items refers to game elements selectable with the Items command during battle, and usable outside of combat.

In the out of combat interface, Armor and Weapons can be Listed, Armed, or Discarded, and Goods are key items obtained to complete objectives.

Healing ItemsEdit

item Price Effect
Healing Potion 10 Heal 50% of targets max HP
Healing Fog 30 Heal 100% of targets max HP
Healing Breeze 50 Heal 50% of all party members max HP
Healing Rain 600  * Heal 100% of all party members max HP
Angel's Prayer 30 Revives fallen party member with 50% HP
Sun Rhapsody 50 Recover all MP for one ally
Moon Serenade none Recover all MP for all allies
Spirit Potion 20 Recover 100 SP for one ally
Body Purifier 10 Removes Poison, Stun, Arm Blocking conditions
Mind Purifier 20 Removes Fear, Confusion, Bewitchment, Dispiriting conditions
Depetrifier 30 Removes Petrified condition
Recovery Ball none Generates one random recovery item in battle
Charm Potion 04 From menu: Reduces risk of enemy encounters for a limited time

In battle: Avoids enemy attacks for 3 turns

* The Healing Rain item can only be bought in Lohan by exchanging 60 tickets, which if bought 10 at a time, cost roughly 600G each.

Attack Items Edit

All elemental sources of damage are strong against their opposing element. This also means that they are weak to their opposing element. For example, Meru (a water-type character) will be strong against fire, but any attacks she takes from the fire monster will also be stronger. The elements and their opposites are as follows:

Fire and Water, Earth and Wind, Darkness and Light. None-types and Thunder-types are neither weak nor strong against another element.

Item Price Effect Image
Attack Ball none Generates random Attack or Effect item (Multi or non-Multi) No Image
Black Rain 20 Dark-elemental on all targets (Multi) Black Rain
Burn Out 10 Fire-elemental on single target (Multi) Burnout
Burning Wave 20 Powerful fire-elemental on all targets 200px
Dancing Ray 20 Light-elemental on all targets (Multi) 200px
Dark Mist 10 Dark-elemental on single target (Multi) Dark Mist
Detonate Rock 10 Attacks all targets 200px
Down Burst 20 Powerful wind-elemental on all targets 200px
Fatal Blizzard 20 Water-elemental on all targets (Multi) Fatal Blizzard
Flash Hall 20 Powerful thunder-elemental on all targets 200px
Frozen Jet 20 Powerful water-elemental on all targets 200px
Gravity Grabber 20 Powerful earth-elemental on all targets 200px
Gushing Magma 20 Fire-elemental on all targets (Multi) Gushing Magma
Meteor Fall 20 Earth-elemental on all targets (Multi) 200px
Night Raid 20 Powerful dark-elemental on all targets 200px
Pellet 10 Earth-elemental on single target (Multi) Pellet
Psychedelic Bomb none Non-elemental damage to all enemies (Multi) 200px
Rave Twister 20 Wind-elemental on all targets (Multi) Rave Twister
Spark Net 10 Thunder-elemental on single target (Multi) Spark Net
Spear Frost 10 Water-elemental on single target (Multi) Spear Frost
Spectral Flash 20 Powerful light-elemental on all targets 200px
Spinning Gale 10 Wind-elemental on single target (Multi) Spinning Gale
Thunderbolt 20 Thunder-elemental on all targets (Multi) Thunderbolt
Translight 10 Light-elemental on single target (Multi) Translight

Effect Items Edit

Item Price Effect Image
Poison Needle 20 Poison minor enemies Poison Needle
Stunning Hammer 20 Stuns minor enemies Stunning Hammer
Midnight Terror 20 Frightens minor enemies
Panic Bell 20 Confuses minor enemies
Total Vanishing 40 Destroys minor enemies Vanishing Stone
Sachet 200 Gives subtle good aroma

Repeat ItemsEdit

Repeat items are items that are given back at the end of a battle and are one of a kind. Here is listed the effect and location of each item.

This is a forum that shows how to get each item : (methods to find Power down and Magic shield is wrong)

Name Effect Location
Psychedelic Bomb X Non-elemental damage to all enemies (Multi) Magic Capital Aglis
Speed up Increases ally's speed for 3 turns Valley of Corrupted Gravity
Speed down Decreases enemy's speed by half for 3 turns Mountain of Mortal Dragon
Power up Increases ally's strength for 3 turns Fobidden Land/Kadessa
Power down Decreases enemy's strength by half for 3 turns Death Frontier
Magic Shield Nullifies magical attacks for 3 turns Snowfield
Material Shield Nullifies physical attacks for 3 turns Black Castle in Kazas
Pandemonium Causes minor enemy's to attack only one ally for 3 turns Hellena Prison (second visit)
Smoke ball 100% chance of escape from minor enemies Fort Magrad
Magic Sig stone Blocks enemy's movements for 3 consecutive turns Marshlands


Main article: Goods

Goods are random items collected throughout the game and may or may not be a story item.

Name Location Description
War Bulletin Initial Equipment Special Edition: Shows tension among Sandora and Serdio. (The paper that Dart is reading at the begining.)
Father's Stone Initial Equipment A mysterious stone from Dart's father that glows when held.
Axe From The Shack Prairie An axe left in a shack in a field. It's well-worn.
Prison Key Hellena Prison Key to the second prison tower where Shana is held.
Red Dragon DS (From Father's Stone) Dragoon Spirit his father left him. Fire-based.
Blue Sea Dragon DS Prison Island Dragoon Spirit from Lenus. Water-Based.
Jade Dragon DS Nest of the Dragon Dragoon Spirit given to Lavitz. Wind-based.
Gold Dragon DS Lohan/Moon Dragoon Spirit found in Lohan. Earth-based.
Violet Dragon DS Black Castle Dragoon Spirit from Doel. Thunder-Based.
Silver Dragon DS Shirley's Shrine Dragoon Spirit from Shirley. Light-based.
Dark Dragon DS Hoax Dragoon Spirit of mysterious Rose. Darkness-based.
Water Bottle Lohan A bottle aquired in Lohan to hold "Life Water".
Life Water Nest of Dragon Life water from a monster plant that refreshes power.
Magical Oil Kazas Fuel that lights the flames to power the elevators.
Blue Stone Black Castle Blue Stone held by the Spell Master Magi.
Red Stone Black Castle Red Stone kept by the janitor of the Black Castle.
Yellow Stone Black Castle Yellow Stone hidden in the Black Castle.
Letter From Lynn Donau Letter that tells of going alone to the Gehrich Gang.
Pass For Valley Fletz A pass for Zero Gravity Valley.
Boat License Furni You need this license to get around the town.
Kate's Bouquet Donau A group of flowers combined into a traditional wedding item.
Key to Ship Phantom Ship Key to the Captain's Quarters.
Vanishing Stone Rouge A mysterious stone from Martel for getting Stardust.
Lavitz Painting Bale A portrait of the handsome Lavitz. Acquired by speaking to the painter in the first house you encounter during your initial visit to Bale.
Magic Shiny Bag Lohan Dabas' item bag that stores all of your items.
Moon Gem Flanvel Tower Family treasure of Serdio. Has enomous power.
Moon Dagger Flanvel Tower Family treasure of Tiberoa. Taken away.
Moon Mirror Flanvel Tower Family treasure of Mille Seseau. Hidden by Flanvel.
Law Maker Zenebatos A certificate of law production in Zenebatos.
Law Output Zenebatos A certificate of law enactment in Zenebatos.


  • Dabas's Shiny Bag, and Magic Shiny Bag are items with teleportation magic and they're exclusive to the Japanese version of the game. In the PocketStation game called "MooGuru Dabas", Dabas travels through tunnels in his basement and finds treasures. He then puts these treasures in his bag and teleports them to Dart's Shiny Bag (This was the only way to make decent amount of money in the Japanese version as it gives very little money from the battles). These "bags" are often mistaken as an inventory enhancement because of a false information released in the strategy guide.
  • The Letter From Lynn can be re-acquired from the Mayor of Donau's house after you leave it. When you return, you will find it on his dining table where you can pick it up again.

References Edit

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