Location Element
Moon Earth
2696 6000 none
Attack Defense Counter
{{{AT}}} {{{DF}}} {{{Cntr}}}
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
{{{MAT}}} {{{MDF}}} {{{SPD}}}
Item dropped
Indora's Axe
Golden Dragoon spirit

Indora was the brother of Kongol. He uses the same armor that Kongol used at Black Castle and uses his axes to smash and attack Kongol.


Chapter 4: Moon and FateEdit

Finding GodEdit

In the Moon That Never Sets, when the party gets separated, a portion of them settled in the Home of Gigantos, where Kongol has memories from when he was younger. He was hiding in a little cave when Doel and two guards defeat thieves, then the young Kongol is noticed by Doel and is taken in as his disciple. Later, the group continues as Kongol goes into the entrance to face his brother to prove which one is better among the two of them.

During BattleEdit

Indora is a relatively a strong boss but since you're Kongol, it shouldn't be too bad. The attacks that Indora uses are listed below:

  • Attack: Indora come running at Kongol and strikes him with both of his axes 
  • Attack Barrage: Indora strikes the ground and a pillar appears behind Kongol and then Indora throws his chained axes and binds Kongol to the pillar. Then he rushes over and attacks multiple times before picking up the pillar and Kongol, throwing them and causing moderate damage.
  • Counter: Like Kongol before him, if you mess up an addition, Indora will hoist Kongol up, wrap his chain axe around him, and hurl him back to his spot, inflicting a healthy amount of damage.

Though Kongol isn't really high on the special attack, using a magical attack is still fairly effective against Indora due to his low magical defense.

After defeating Indora, if the player didn't already retrieve Kongol's dragoon spirit from the merchant in Lohan, Indora will give it to Kongol.

It is unknown how Indora gets the Golden Dragoon Spirit if the player didn't buy the spirit in Lohan.

Note: This is one of the battles that you can't use your dragoon spirit if you have received it from Lohan earlier which you can get in disk 2.

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