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Indels Castle (インデルス城, Inderusu-jō, "Inderus Castle") houses King Albert, the royalties and many Basil guards. It is the centren of monarchy of Basil and is located inside Bale. The castle was constructed above the river and was seen more enclosed when compared to the Twin Castle which was opened to the sky. Indels Castle always lofted under the orange sky and blazed by a bright sun. The staircase leads up into the castle chamber while two entrances on the side lead into the army's chamber.


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These are the designs of inside the castle

1st Floor: Edit

  • Entrance Hall: This is the place when you enter the castle. The entrance has 2 chandelier, green carpet, 4 knight models, and 2 Basil guard standing beside the door. The room connects you 3 paths the stairs to the 2nd floor, dinning room and the guards bed rooms.
  • Dinning Room: This room is were the royals, knights and guests for eating their meals. The dinning has a long table, 14 chairs, a cabinet, and long painting on the side of the wall. The dinning room connects to the kitchen, and (assume) the guest room.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is were they cook their meals and serve it to the dinning room. It has a fireplace, stoves, iron, or clay pots on the counter and table on the center with some ingredients. The kitchen connects to the stairs to the barracks below and a pantry.
  • Pantry: This room is small and it only supplies for food and water for the kitchen. This room only has bunch of crates and a ladder, the ladder connects to the under barracks and again another ladder that goes to the underground jetty were you turn off the valves to open the door near the boat.
  • Guest Room: The guest room were they only sleep in the castle nearby the dinning room. It only has 2 beds, desk, chest and a hatch, end of the slide were King Albert room comes from.
  • Guards Room: The Basil guards sleeps near the entrance hall, it only has 4 beds, 2 tables, 2 chairs, and a shelf. This room connects to the armoury.
  • Armoury: Unlike the guards room the armoury is were they held all the weapons and amors to prepare for the battlefield and they could use it as bedrooms. The place has bunch of armors, swords, lances, bows and arrows and shields, it also has 2 beds, 4 stools, a cabinet.
  • Unknown Room (Please named the room): The last room is unknown at the bottom right, by getting there you have to go to the steps of the 2nd floor through the balcony and theres a ladder at the storeroom goes down to the lower floor. The area of the room is small, it has some crates, painting stands, pots and others inside of it.


Chapter 1: The Serdian WarEdit

After Dart and company defeated Urobolus, Lavitz suggested that they go to Indels Castle. After coming out of Limestone Cave, they went to Bale. Inside the Indels Castle, the three kneeled in front of King Albert with Minister Noish and the Man In Hood accompanying him. Lavitz explained about his experience in Hellena Prison and how he broke out with Dart and Shana. King Albert praised Dart for saving Lavitz. Lavitz also stated that his entire 1st Knighthood was wiped out in Hellena Prison and vowed that they will not die in vain. Meanwhile, Dart requested Albert that Shana could stay inside the castle for her own safety. Albert told him that Indels Castle could not bear the attack of Sandora Army and there is nowhere safe in Serdio. Albert also told him that Shana care about him too. Dart pulled back his request and asked about the Black Monster who destroyed his hometown, Neet. Minister Noish, even with his great knowledge, said that all documents about the Black Monster had been destroyed. However, he told Dart that Black Monster appeared 11,000 years after the Dragon Campaign, and continue to explain it to Dart. After that, a Basil knight came forth and reported to Albert and Imperial Sandora and their Feyrbrand had breached the territory of Basil, and it was speculated that they will strike Hoax first. Lavitz discussed the strategy and plans with King Albert while Dart and Shana walked out to the balcony. Viewing the landscape from above, Dart said he could view all of Basil here and wondered if he might able to look at Seles. Shana replied that the mountain have blocked Seles from their view and moreover Seles lied too far from them. Shana and Dart expressed their worry for their homeland. A moment later, Lavitz interrupted them and said the meeting is over. He told them that Seles is safe but it will take time for it to rebuild. Dart and Shana were relieved, but Lavitz told them that Imperial Sandora is going to release Feyrbrand into Hoax. Dart lamented the attack and express regret for his selfish quest that left his hometown devastated. He made up his mind to follow Lavitz, Shana also agreed to help them. The three then left Indels Castle and visited Lavitz's mother in his home.

River boatEdit

There's a boat under the Indels Castle, but is only accesible from the path Dart met Dran. However, the door can be uplifted from inside Indels Castle by turning the valve under one of ladders. By travelling with the boat, Dart can take a view around Bale.


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