LOD Illisa Bay Map

Illisa Bay is an ocean region located at the north of Tiberoa and southeast of Mille Seseau. The small area of sea connects Furni, Fueno and Donau. It is one of the traveling region for the Queen Fury besides the Endiness at the southwest of Tiberoa.


The Phantom ShipEdit

Dart and his friends boarded the Queen Fury as soon as Lenus fled Fletz with her Moon Dagger. While traveling from Donau to Fueno, the Queen Fury collided with the Phantom Ship which suddenly appeared in the midway of her course. The group decided to explore the Phantom Ship despite it is dangerous. After the souls in the Phantom Ship were brought to peace, the Phantom Ship shook to its destruction and was going to sink. Dart and Rose fell into the sea as Rose attempted to save Dart from falling into sea. The duo was later found in the cave around the village Lidieria by Pete and his dog with Dart unconscious and Rose sleeping. Lidiera can be counted as an island in Illisa Bay, which is located at the northeast.

Chapter 3: Fate and SoulEdit

At the beginning of Chapter 3, the group was heading to Furni the Water City, which is the south-most city of Mille Seseau.


Although Dart is traveling in sea, monsters can still be encountered in Queen Fury.

Name Element HP XP Gold
Mermaid Water 400 77 33
Glare Water 750 70 18
Screw Shell Water 160 63 24

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