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Home of Gigantos

Once a stronghold of Gigantos, this area was destroyed and raided by humans that feared the strong creatures. Now the area serves as a home for the Gehrich Gang that terrorizes the kingdom of Tiberoa.


When you first enter the home you are immediately bombarded by arrows from random spots, but you can turn them off if you go to the left. Note: if player gets hit by the arrows 3 times a random battle will occur.

You must navigate your way into the open door and once inside you should see a shiny object on the floor, it is a switch to deactivate the arrow trap. You now proceed up the staircase where you can proceed to a temple. If this is your first time here you will be trapped by bandits and forced to fight three of them. Once the battle is complete you must venture farther in and Haschel proceeds to claim to need to rest because he thinks he strained something while breaking the wall with his Rogue School technique and tells the others to venture into the cave to search for bandits. Once inside he K.O.s Meru and goes on to confront Gehrich by himself.

Gehrich and MappiEdit


Gehrich nonchalantly juggling one of his signature daggers

The player must use Haschel in the battle against Gehrich and Mappi as he insists on teaching his former student Gehrich a final and long overdue lesson. Both are both very fast and very powerful; Mappi can perform a move that can kill your character instantly. They perform moves both together and separately.

After the BattleEdit

As the battle ends, Mappi triggers an explosive and the arm on the giant statue above the throne breaks and begins to fall. Kongol comes out of nowhere to save everyone from death. After that scene is done Gehrich tells the party that Fletz' Princess Emille is a fake and the real one is hidden somewhere in the castle.

Following his dramatic return, Kongol reveals that the treasure room of the Giganto race lies below the throne, which is where the Red-Eye Dragoon Spirit and Lynn are hidden. Haschel goes and gives Gehrich a proper burial while the rest go downstairs and free Lynn and find Dart's Red Dragoon Spirit. Kongol joins the party.

Giganto Home

To the right/East, the road through the Valley of Corrupted Gravity to Fletz; the road to the left/West does not open up until the party reaches Ulara

The party is free to roam until the storyline continues in Fletz; confronting the fake Princess and prevent the king from passing on the Moon Dagger to her. This is the ideal time to go back to Lohan and buy Kongol's Gold Dragoon Spirit from the merchant on the ground level, there. But don't haggle too hard or he will keep it.

Helpful ThingsEdit

There are a pack of rock fireflies in a hidden area to the right, just before stairs up to the save point next to the exit to the boss battle. There are a few chests in the area that contain a variety of rings and other assortments.

After accessing Ulara, it is discovered that there is a secret entrance to the Home of Gigantos. The curious stone face across from the Rock Fireflies conceals the tunnel. According to the Ularians, one of them were close friends with the Giganto race and constructed the tunnel.


Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP Drops
Berserker Darkness 400 500 55 15 5 Energy Girdle (2%)
Crafty Thief Darkness 200 250 50 18 6 Pellet (8%)
Gangster Earth 280 350 60 18 6 Bandit's Ring (2%)
Piggy Earth 160 200 40 21 7 Sachet (2%)


Found on the candlestick on the right hand. Home of Gigantos stardust 1

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