Hellena Prison

Hellena Prison (ヘルライナ監獄, Heruraina Kangoku) is a prison on the southern coast of Serdio. A hellish place, feared throughout Serdio, it is known for cruel treatment of all prisoners and that those who come in, never come out. Lavitz Slambert commented that no normal person would be able to survive in such a place. However, Hellena Prison is not only infamous for its cruelty, but also for the fearsome monster that lives there; Jiango. During the adventure, Hellena Prison is visited by Dart and company twice.


Chapter 1:The Serdian WarEdit

A Friend in Hellena Edit

The first time Dart enters the prison, he does so discreetly by hiding in a incoming supply wagon. As he leaves the first room, a merchant catches him and immediately calls for a guard. After the guard is defeated, Dart explains he does not want to kill the merchant. The merchant then offers to keep quiet and sell Dart some of his supplies.

Dart arrives at the first floor cells and hears fighting noises. He rushes over and discovers Lavitz fighting off guards to secure the safety of other captured Bale soldiers. Dart joins the fray but is taken for an enemy by the surprised Lavitz. More guards arrive, forcing the duo to guard each other back, forming a quick and lasting bond. After the battle, Dart explains that he's looking for his childhood friend, Shana. Lavitz decides to go with Dart, declaring that it will be hard for one man to survive Hellena alone.

Dart and Lavitz eventually come to a large room filled with guards. They locate the key to Shana's cell, in the room's upper section. While investigating the area near Shana's cell, they are caught by a large group of guards and a battle ensues. Through the fighting, Shana is able to hear Dart's voice and calls to him. Dart enters the cell as Lavitz stands guard and he and Shana have a intimate moment. As they exit the cell, more guards arrive and another fight begins.

Once the battle ends, Shana says she wants to help too; she declares that she isn't the same helpless girl Dart remembers. Now with Shana, the group returns to the first floor but are soon confronted by Warden Fruegel. Fruegel explains that the orders to capture Shana were issued by the Emperor Doel of South Serdio, but he added the order to destroy Seles. Angered, the trio begins an intense fight with Fruegel and his minions.

Fruegel is extremely tough and the party is unable to kill him. The party narrowly escapes the prison, and flees to the Prairie. As they escape, Fruegel sends men after them. The previously seen "Hooded Man" scolds Fruegel for losing the prisoner and sends Fruegel off after his minions.

Finally alone, the "Hooded Man" whispers that everything is going according to plan.

Charge to HellenaEdit

The second time the player enter he/she will have an even bigger team and some Dragoon Spirits also. Head again toward the way that was previously blocked by guards only to be ambushed and forced to fight Jiango whom the heroes are supposed to be food. After the battle the player can open the secret passage and start to head toward the top to stop Freugel from killing King Albert. Once at the top the heroes fight Freugel again with his two pets.

The heroes see that the hooded man is behind King Albert removing something from his back, the Moon Gem. Lavitz turns Dragoon and attacks the hooded man which ends up being Lloyd, who in turn kills him with the Dragon Buster. After his death King Albert acquires the Jade Dragoon Spirit, and they flee the castle back to Seles.


First visit
Item Shop Price
Healing Potion 10
Angel's Prayer 30
Spark Net 10

Second visit
Item Shop Price
Healing Potion 10
Sun Rhapsody 50
Angel's Prayer 30
Mind Purifier 20
Midnight Terror 20
Thunderbolt 20


First visit

Description Location
20 Gold
20 Gold Chest Hellena Prison
20 Gold
20 Gold Chest Hellena Prison -2
20 Gold
20 Gold Chest Hellena Prison -3
50 Gold
50 Gold Chest Hellena Prison
Burn Out
Burn Out Chest Hellena Prison
Spark Net
Spark Net Chest Hellena Prison
Angel's Prayer
Angel's Prayer Chest Hellena Prison
Leather Jacket
Leather Jacket Chest Hellena Prinson

Second visit


First visit
Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP
Hellena Warden Fire 9 12 6 9 3
Senior Warden Fire 24 25 None None None
Second visit
Name Element HP US HP JAP XP Gold US Gold JAP
Hellena Warden Fire 120 150 20 15 5
Senior Warden Fire 150 150 24 18 7
Fowl Fighter Fire 100 100 16 9 3