Hell Hound
Hell hound
Location Element
Black Castle Fire
150 20 US 9
Attack Defense Counter
20 80 Yes
M.Attack M.Defense Speed
33 160 60
Item dropped
Burn Out (8%)

Hell Hounds are fire element monsters, otherwise known as the guard dogs for the Knights of Sandora, from which can be located within the Black Castle.


The hell hound resembles a brown furred guard dog with a medium sized tail, glowing red eyes, and a pointed horn upon it's head.


The Hell hound deals medium to low damage and isn't too much of a threat when you arrive. They mainly stick with their normal physical attack of bitting a single characters throat, however, they are prone to using Burn out when you least expect it. Since burn out isn't a powerful spell, you don't necessarily have to worry about it either. The hell hound should be of the easiest creatures within the Black Castle, and so it's low damage coupled with it's low health should make it a swift fight. Although the hell hound is a little fast, you will probably still get the first strike, so it really isn't anything to concern yourself with. If anything, you need to focus more on the knights of Sandora who always accompany themselves with these creatures.

  • Attack - Lunges towards a single target and bites at their throat.
  • Burn out - Launches a ball of burn out from their face dealing low fire damage towards a single target.

Encounter rate: Common


Hell hound drops the spell item Burn out with a 10% propability. It's not the best odd's for a 10G item. Not recommended to attempt to obtain these by defeating hell hounds, nor would it be useful in the relative future for anything except the second encounter with Kongol. In general, a bad drop.


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