While himself on a personal search for his lost daughter, this 60-year-old martial arts expert joins to fight with Dart. He has seen much in life and greets the world with a hearty laugh. Haschel has the physique, stamina and speed of a young man. His weapons are lethal claws which demand many years of training. Haschel feels a mysterious connection to Dart.

-The manual

Age 60
Role Hero
Element Thunder
voice actor
Brian Vouglas
voice actor
Minoru Inaba

Haschel (ハッシェル, Hassheru, "Harsou") is one of the party members in The Legend of Dragoon. He is the Master of the Rouge School of Martial Arts and the new Dragoon of the Violet Dragon which controls Thunder-based attacks.

He learns towards the end of the game that his daughter Claire was Dart's mom and died in Neet. In a twist of fate or irony, he actually meets his grandson Dart years before the game's events take place when they traveled together on an adventure without knowing of their relation.

Character DesignEdit

Haschel is a near elderly martial artist with long dark gray hair and his eyes are completely closed and wears a thin laced headband.

His outfit is a purple sleeveless martial arts garb with black designs and a black spike design at the back and a red belt which tucked into his garb, purple martial arts pants and black boots. He also wears red wristbands in both of his wrists.

As a Dragoon, Haschel resembles Kanzas the original wielder of the Violet Dragoon spirit as well as his Dragoon form.

He wears a violet Dragoon armor with sky blue accents and a green gem at the center as the violet outlines reaches through his white pants and a violet and white knee-high Dragoon armor boots with sky blue gem at the center. He also wears a matching violet gauntlets which are bulkier and wears a violet dragon headband and fights barehanded. The Dragoon wings on his back is a lighter shade of yellow and violet with sky blue outlines.

In his in-game while in this form, the color of his pants changed to beige and the accents from his armor becomes sky blue and his dragoon wings appear as sky blue, pale yellow and violet with sky blue outlines.

In the end of the game where they escape from the Moon with Dart and the group, the white accents on his Dragoon form changed to green.


Haschel portrait

Haschel's Menu Portrait

the battlefield, Haschel is upbeat and jovial, even throwing in some jokes while in conversation with his friends. In battle, however, Haschel is serious, calm and collected.

Abilities & AttributesEdit

Haschel is a martial artist, which means he is an expert in using his fists and kicks as weapon. His attributes are geared more towards offense, as opposed to defense. Haschel possesses high attack, magic attack, and speed which are roughly equal to (or slightly higher than) Dart's. However, his HP, Defense, and Magic Defense are a bit low. His additions aren't too fast or slow, but the timing of them is unusual making some of them easier to use than others. His Master Addition, Omni Sweep, is the most difficult Master Addition other than Meru's Perky Step. His dragoon form makes him a brutal front line fighter both physically and magically. He's also extremely swift, which makes his dragoon form the deadliest fighter along with Dart - only Haschel is more Physical based. His Dragoon, along with Dart's, will easily annihilate any enemy encountered. Simply put, Haschel is the second Dart.

As with Meru Haschel can get up to 100 Speed (agility). Using the Speed Up item, Bandit's Shoes, and Bandit's Ring Haschel can almost assuredly get 3 turns in row. This can allow for some serious damage done to a boss at the start of a fight, especially if used in conjuction with his Dragoon Special. It can also be used to quickly heal by defending or leveling up additions at a fast pace, being that he has the second most to level up in the game.

Speed is the one attribute that is affected only by items; never leveling. Haschel's Speed is 60.

Entirely subject to correction, the level Haschel may be at when he joins the party: thirteen.[1]


Main article: Additions
Double Punch Initial 2
Addition LevelDamageSP
Level 1 100% 35
Level 2 110% 38
Level 3 120% 42
Level 4 130% 45
Level 5 150% 50
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Flurry of Styx 14 3
Addition LevelDamageSP
Level 1 150% 20
Level 2 162% 20
Level 3 174% 20
Level 4 186% 20
Level 5 202% 20
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Summon 4 Gods 18 4
Addition LevelDamageSP
Level 1 100% 50
Level 2 100% 61
Level 3 100% 75
Level 4 100% 86
Level 5 100% 100
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5 Ring Shattering 22 5
Addition LevelDamageSP
Level 1 150% 35
Level 2 187% 35
Level 3 225% 40
Level 4 262% 45
Level 5 300% 50
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Hex Hammer 26 7
Addition LevelDamageSP
Level 1 200% 15
Level 2 250% 15
Level 3 300% 15
Level 4 350% 15
Level 5 400% 15
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Omni Sweep Master


Addition LevelDamageSP
Level 1 300% 50
Level 2 345% 75
Level 3 390% 100
Level 4 435% 125
Level 5 501% 150
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Haschel dragoon

Acquiring the SpiritEdit

The Violet Dragoon Spirit, the fifth spirit received, is acquired after the battle with Doel. With the death of Doel, Dart decides to follow Lloyd to Tiberoa . The other dragoons, Rose, Shana, and Albert, agree to go with Dart as it is "fate." Haschel begins to walk away but a bright light shows to reveal his "fate" and so he heads to Tiberoa with his fellow dragoons.


Haschel's Thunder Magic is exclusively single-target damage.
Thunder element, and therefore Haschel himself, is strong against no target of other element. It is weak against Thunder element targets

Name Obtained MP Cost Effect
Atomic Mind Initial 10 Single Enemy
Thunder 50%
Thunder Kid 2 20 Single Enemy
Thunder 60%
Thunder God 3 30 Single Enemy
Thunder 75%
Violet Dragon 5 80 Single Enemy
Thunder 100%*

Weapons Edit

Armor Edit

While weapons are always for one Dragoon, Armor is usually for more than one. Like Kongol, none of the body armor that Haschel can wear can be worn by another Dragoon, except for the Armor of Legend that everyone, male and female, can wear. Like Kongol, he has one helm that he alone can wear. There are no restrictions on boots other than Male and Female.

Only Haschel can wear this helm:

These are body armors that can only be equipped by Haschel, in order of their defense:


His daughter Claire ran away twenty five years before the start of the game for either seriously injuring or killing her training partner Lotta at Rouge . Twenty years before the beginning of the game he kicks Gehrich out of the Rouge school of martial arts which reminds him of how he lost Claire and begins his search for his runaway daughter.  He joins Dart on his journey to pursue the Black Monster in Lohan four years before the beginning of the game while still searching for Claire.

Haschel as Dart's Grandfather Edit

The developers put a large number of hints and clues into the game that point to Haschel's runaway daughter Claire being the same Claire that became Dart's mother.

At the beginning of Disc 2, first entering Tiberoa, one of the party notices that one of the town's bridges is named Claire Bridge. Dart says that is his mother's name, and Haschel says that it is the name of his daughter, who he began looking for 20 years ago, after she went into self-imposed exile for possibly killing one of his Rouge School students. The group speculates that these might be the same Claire, concluding that they are not, based on the fact that the two look nothing alike. Haschel does not say anything, but later flashbacks show that Claire also looks little like him.[1]

Early on Disc 3, At the mayor's house Haschel listens as Shana sings a lullaby to their (mayor) host's child, and reflects that Claire once sang the same tune and declared that she would sing it to her future child. Shana tells Haschel that Dart used to sing it to her. Dart and Shana later reminisce about the song, confirming its source as a song Dart knew from childhood, giving the first real clue of the relationship of Dart and Haschel.[1]

Haschel tells Dart that Dart resembles Haschel as a young man near the end of the game.[1]

One more equivocal clue, weighing more on the side of Haschel as grandfather: On Disc 4, on The Moon That Never Sets, Haschel tells Dart that he must give Haschel and Claire privacy to talk, because Claire does not know about Dart yet (As she has yet to give birth to Dart in her current time) admitting that he now believes Dart to be his grandson. [1]


Haschel's Style - The Legend of Dragoon

Haschel's Style - The Legend of Dragoon

He is so skilled and helpful

Trivia Edit

  • Haschel's idle pose has him crossing his arms over his chest, and moving his head to the left slightly.
  • When defending, Haschel holds his arms and fists across his face and body.
  • When dispirited, Haschel lowers his fists and leans to the right, while rocking slightly with his head down.
  • When in Critical Health, Haschel slouches forward with his knees bent, and holds his stomach with his right arm and hand.
  • When completing "Flurry of Styx", there is a typo where it appears as "Ferry of Styx". Haschel speaks the name correctly, however.
  • In the end, Haschel may be the only one who completely understands the Feld Family structure.
  • In the Japanese manual's credits, Haschel is credited as "Hatchel".[2]

Citations Edit

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