Hey if any of you people out there are live fast die young types, and want to test your courage, step up and fill out the application! My advice to those of you who are feeble, cowards or have a cold feet, don't register! I guarantee you will die.


Role Arena Host
Home Town Lohan

Ginger is a non-playable character in Lohan. He hosts the Hero Competition which is held annually in the Arena. He also works as a registrant at the counter in the Arena. Dart met Ginger during the registration for the Hero Competition after he was told by Sanator to go for a try to compete for the title "The Best Warrior in the Endiness".


Chapter 1: Serdian WarEdit

The Hero CompetitonEdit

After Shana was cured of her illness and Dart and friends say goodbye to Sanator, Dart decide to participate in the Hero Competition. He register himself to Ginger at the counter. Due to the reasonable excuses given by Lavitz Slambert and Rose, Dart had to compete alone with Shana, Rose and Lavitz watching him from above.

During the Hero Competition, Ginger's job is to tell the participants to get ready and lead them out. Ginger serves as the judge for the competition as he has the right to disqualify the participants from the next round or advance them. When Gorgaga and Atlow cheated by using illegal items or techniques in the arena, though they win the battle Ginger will disqualify them and tell the guards to carry them out of the arena stage.

During the second Round, when Serfius wins he falls apart and perishes due to his chronic lung disease, or when Danton wins he tumbled and was unable to get up, Ginger will pull them out of competition an allow Dart to advance to the next round.

As the year's Hero Competition ended, Ginger announces the result:

  • 1st place: Lloyd the Best Warrior in Endiness
  • 2nd place: Dart the Young Flame
  • 3rd place: Haschel the Master of Rouge martial arts


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