Ghost Commander
Ghost commander 2
Location Element
Phantom Ship Darkness
1700 6000 200
Attack Defense Counter
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M.Attack M.Defense Speed
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Item dropped
Night Raid

The Ghost Commander leads the troop of Knights that, when living, guarded the princess of Mille Seseau. Now although dead, he and his troop still guard the princess on the Phantom Ship. It is encountered together with four Ghost Knights.


Long ago, the ship was carrying the Princess Louvia until it was attacked by the Black Monster, and none survived. When Dart and his friends sail to face the Sea Dragon, the Phantom Ship hits their ship. After exploring it, they finally enter a room where they are attacked by the ghosts.  After beating them they see Shana, thinking she is the princess. Because of this, they go to the other side.


The attacks are listed below:

  • Attack: Slashes a party member with its sword.
  • Fading Skull: The Ghost Commander has souls forming into him and launches a skull at one party member, inducing fear which lowers defense and attack.
  • Absorb: The Commander shoots lights at a single party member dealing moderate damage, also healing him by the same amount of damage dealt to the one party member.
  • Sharing Pain: The Commander will stab himself and show a lighter ghost of himself traveling over to one party member and inflicting damage.

These bosses are relatively easy if you buy Translight and/or Dancing Ray due to the fact that light is the counters darkness. The recommended people to have in your party to use the items are Meru and/or Shana since they have the highest magic attack.

Note: When you take down one of the ghosts separately, they will resurrect after so many turns. To win the fight, you have to take them all down at once.